The nominees for the 84th Academy Awards were announced this morning with pretty much all of the films and actors you'd expect making the cut. However, there were a few surprises. Melissa McCarthy for Bridesmaids, Nick Nolte for Warrior, and Jonah Hill for Moneyball for starters.

With every list of nominees, there are inevitable snubs. Here's a rundown of the actors and films we feel should at least be considered by the dillhole Academy.


Granted, The Artist has charm out the ass. But one can't deny the contributions of George Valentin's canine sidekick, played excellently by Uggie, who kept perfect pace with the film's leads. He can do it all! Jump up and down, pull people out of quicksand, skateboard! And check out that pic! Dude is packing some serious Fassbender. Hell, is it too late to make him the Oscars host?

Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis got a ton of buzz for his work in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Deservedly so. The master of motion capture brought Caesar to life, giving the character more complex emotions than traditional animation could ever provide that really shaped the film's more heartbreaking moments.

This snub doesn't appear to be directly pointed at Serkis as an actor, but more so at the technique of motion-capture itself. Another HUGE snub goes to The Adventures of Tintin in the animated category. That movie is pure awesome and didn't get a nod. Yet, Puss In Boots makes the list despite its animated style having been featured on screens in four other movies over the past 11 years.

Tilda Swinton

Fans of independent movies are all pretty bummed that Tilda Swinton didn't earn a nomination for We Need To Talk About Kevin. In the film, she plays a mom who has to face one of the hardest things a parent will ever face. Her son is capable of unspeakable evil and there's nothing she can do about it. Not that she's exactly mother of the year to begin with.

Walking through the film exhausted in a permanent state of post-pardum depression, her own pride and motherly instincts keep her from getting her child the help he needs. That's a tough line to walk as an actor. All Melissa McCarthy had to do was act like Jack Black to get her nomination.

Albert Brooks

Albert Brooks completely transformed his image to play gangster Bernie Ross. Brooks playing a heavy was inspired casting, and the veteran comedian left his neurotic schtick at home to give weight to this thriller. Who knew Nemo's dad could be so cold?

Super 8

Say what you will about Super 8, but it's not a film that deserves to be written off. J.J. Abrams set out to pay homage to the Spielberg films of the late 1970s by cribbing their visual style, and that goal was passed with flying colors. He managed to create a world that was unmistakably set in this time without being tripped up by the wink-wink pitfall gags of the disco decade. Of course, there were a lot of strong contenders in this category, but Super 8 deserves credit where it's due. At times, I felt like I was watching a live-action version of The Iron Giant.

Corey Stoll

Watching Midnight In Paris, you can't help but take note of Corey Stoll's turn as Ernest Hemingway. Though his performance only played a comedic note, it also set up the conceit of the entire film and he was the only one you wanted to watch while onscreen. His Hemingway was a brash show-off whose method of wooing women involved killing lions in front of them. Shouldn't a man like that win every award?


Many are surprised that Shame earned zero nods. It has everything the Academy normally loves. Penis and Carey Mulligan. Also, serious soul-searching and powerful drama for what that's worth.

I believe this animated gif sums up this snub perfectly.

Patton Oswalt

Does Patton Oswalt deserve a nomination for his role in Young Adult? Maybe, maybe not. But I'm certain of the fact that he deserves a nomination just for being Patton Oswalt. Someone give that man an Oscar just for being awesome.