The Hostel movies are famous for their depictions of graphic and brutal violence. Also for their social satire... or something-- but mostly, yeah, violence. Here, in anticipation of the release of Hostel: Part III, is a handy guide to some (but nowhere near all) of the most brutal violence that the Hostel movies have to offer. No plot, no characters, just pure hardcore brutality. Enjoy, sickos.

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Scalpel Slice/Toilet Drowning, Hostel

The poor bastard in this sequence of the first movie is like most of the victims of the Hostel movies-- he's kind of a dick. But not even the most strident anti-douchebag activist would agree that he deserves the fate he ends up with. First, his fingers are sliced off with a scalpel (note to amateur doctors out there: That's not how you're supposed to use a scalpel) before he gets drowned in a toilet. Have you ever been in a toilet? It's no fun. Oh, and after that his throat gets slashed. The technical term for this is called a "bad vacation."

Drill Kill, Hostel

Electric drills have a lot of great uses around the house. But did you know you could use them to torture and kill a bound hostage? The killers in Hostel do, and they use their knowledge pretty much like you'd expect. If you like (according to the IMDb parental guide) "explicit close-ups" of a person getting taken to torture town via an electric drill, this scene is for you. And if the drill's not enough, I hear he also gets his Achilles tendons slashed.

Blowtorch Burn, Hostel

It's unlikely that a blowtorch would ever be used to do anything other than "burning," but that doesn't make this poor girl's face hurt any less. In one of the most graphic on-screen facial burnings that would make Freddy Krueger blush, a woman's face is melted to the point where her eyeball hangs out. Don't worry though, it's quickly snatched up and cut off by a friendly eyeball collector. There's still a bit of a pus problem though.

Chainsaw Maiming, Hostel

The chainsaw is a classic horror movie weapon, so the Hostel movies would be remiss if they didn't include at least one graphic maiming with a chainsaw. And this one is quite a doozy, with none of those fancy off-frame or cutaway tricks other movies use to show people getting sliced up with chainsaws. You just see the guy's legs get chopped off. It's kind of awesome.

Genital Fetch, Hostel: Part II

It's especially tough to watch a guy's, uh, "Hostels Parts I and II" get damaged in anyway, and this scene in Hostel: Part II doesn't pull the punch. The poor guy's junk gets sliced off by a pair of shears, and then tossed to a dog. A dog, of all things! Now he'll probably never get his boys back. Oh well, he just bleeds to death anyway.

Bathtub Scythe, Hostel: Part II

In one of the most famous bits of violence in the Hostel movies, one girl hangs another girl above her bathtub, before going to town with a scythe. And call me sexist, but she seems to really be getting into it, though. Like, really into it. This image of girl-on-girl violence made it into some of the movie's promotional materials, but the real thing in the movie is still genuinely disturbing. Unless you're into watching a chick bathe in another's blood. Which, let's face it, you probably are.

Head Soccer, Hostel: Part II

Sometimes it's what happens to a person's head after it gets cut off that sticks in the memory. In this case, a woman's head gets chopped off in the woods before getting used as a soccer ball by two young boys. And if you've ever watched little kids play soccer, you know they're not exactly respectful of the sphere they're kicking around. Oh well, she wasn't using it anyway.