The Most Accurate Depictions Of WWII Fighter Planes In Movies

Wednesday, January 4 by

Battle of Britain

This movie holds a special significance for WWII fighter plane fans, as it is the last movie in history to have this many authentic “Spitfires” and “Hurricanes” together at one time. Unfortunately, some scenes had to be filmed using Hollywood trickery such as repainting aircraft to make them resemble other models, and large-scale miniature photography. Despite these techniques, this movie passes the smell test for many WWII flying experts.

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

Although this movie could be called WWII propaganda, since it was intended as a morale booster and not a serious examination of war, the technical details are considered to be spot-on by many experts in the field. The based-on-a-true-story movie was made with the full cooperation of the people who were really involved in the raid on Tokyo, and several real bombers were used in production, as well as actual WWII newsreel footage. The result is a highly realistic depiction of WWII fighter planes.

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