While recently day-dreaming about what it would be like if Kindergarten Cop's Detective John Kimble was to battle the demon from Paranormal Activity, I got to wondering what ever happened to the film's young cast. This was the big break for many of them, who must have been five or six at the time of filming. These child stars of the '90's were discovered on the set, and some went on to memorable turns in television and film. But most have seemingly vanished.

The common plight of the child star is a life marred by drugs and alcohol, so I went into this fearing the worst. For instance, what became of the little boy who described penises and vaginas? You'd think porn, right? Or the It-Might-Be-A-Tumor Kid. Is he in some back alley giving unlicensed medical diagnoses? Lord, I hope not.

But actually, I was happily surprised to find that very few are messed up, and the ones that are don't seem to be in a dark place. I couldn't find a liquor store robbery amongst the bunch. They must have learned from Edward Furlong's mistakes.

At any rate, I scoured the Internet to find out more about these little kids. It's cool though. They're all legal now. Check it out.

Miko Hughes as Joseph

Miko Hughes is probably the most memorable kid from Kindergarten Cop given his proclamation that boys have penises and girls have vaginas (smart kid). He's also well remembered for his roles in Pet Sematary, Full House, New Nightmare, Mercury Rising, and Apollo 13. He still acts, but also works as a DJ at night under the name D.J. Cubed.

Also, somebody who is not me went through the effort to make this:

It's glorious.

Jason Reitman as Kissing Kid

Young Adult director Jason Reitman's dad threw him a bone when it came time for a cameo role. A creepy, creepy bone. During a scene toward the end of the film, Arnold is searching the school for Dominic in order to keep him safe from Crisp. What he stumbles upon are two middle-schoolers making out. This was actually Jason's first kiss.

“The worst part was getting directions from my dad,” recalls Jason. Hey! That man also directed the kissing in Six Days Seven Nights. Show some damn respect.

Ben Diskin as Sylvester

Ben Diskin has been working consistently in Hollywood since appearing as Cathy Moriarty's son in Kindergarten Cop. Although probably not in a way that you would recognize. He's loaned his voice to tons of cartoons, including Iron Man, X-Men, Young Justice, and most notably as Venom on The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Odette Annable as Rosa

Best known for her role in Cloverfield as the hot chick that everyone is willing to get crushed, eaten, and infected for, Odette Annable (formerly Yustman) got her start as Rosa in Kindergarten Cop. After high school, she went on to become professionally hot with modeling work, and can currently be seen on not one, but two Fox shows -- Breaking In and House.

More pics HERE.

Ross Malinger as Harvey

Best known for his star-making turn as Tom Hanks' son Jonah in Sleepless in Seattle, Ross Malinger kept busy with acting up until 2006. In addition to working with Arnold, he also dabbled with action some more opposite Jean Claude Van Damme in Sudden Death. It's now reported that he owns a Porsche dealership that specializes in rebuilding classic luxury cars.

Adam Wylie as Larry

Kindergarten Cop was pretty much just the beginning for Adam Wylie. He's since appeared in a wide variety of television shows and movies. He's probably best known for his part on Picket Fences, where he played the youngest son of Tom Skerritt and Kathy Baker's characters, and his role in the Hulk Hogan holiday classic, Santa With Muscles. He's also recurred on Ed, The Gilmore Girls, and Veronica Mars. And don't overlook his role as Weed in Return to Sleepaway Camp. I'm guessing things didn't work out so hot for Weed.

Tiffany and Krystle Mataras as Tina and Rina

The Mataras Twins were there to capitalize whenever Hollywood had a role for non-Olsen Twins twins. They also appeared together in Single White Female, Camp Nowhere, and Problem Child 2. Acting work has been a little shaky for them these last ten years, but they've already got 100,000 Zombie Heads lined up in 2012. I'm predicting big things soon.

Christian and Joseph Cousins as Dominic

I have saved the best for last. We all remember Dominic, the blonde-haired son of Arnold's love interest played by Penelope Ann Miller. It turns out he is the son of the dangerous criminal Crisp who Arnold is trying to protect. But did you know that the character of Dominic was actually played by twin brothers? That's right. Joseph and Christian Cousins played the part, and they're both very grown up nowadays.

After appearing in a few roles here and there, they booked lead roles in Twin Sitters opposite wrestlers Peter and David Paul. Their acting ended after that. Christian is now the Director of Sales for Orient Express Furniture in California. His brother Joseph now lives in Colorado and goes by the name Joe Metal. You can tell he's committed to the nickname too. After all, he has tattooed it onto his stomach.

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