‘The IMAXGuy’ Picks His Seven Favorite IMAX Films

Wednesday, October 5 by

Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley imax

The purists are going to catch me on this one, since portions were filmed with Vistavision cameras. Sean Casey of Stormchasers fame filmed this, and it reminded me of a tornado I survived many years ago. My heart raced during the screening of this film, as will yours.


Released by MacGillivray-Freeman films in 1998, this is a sad yet revealing stop-motion animated look at the perils of consumerism, aging and the labor force. You can watch this on video.google.com.

There you have my “Lucky Seven” IMAX films, so named because I was lucky to be able to see all of them in film-based IMAX theaters, on huge screens with equally huge sound systems. I’d love to hear of your favorite IMAX films and why you think they’re the best.

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Pat (Imaxguy) Caldwell

Picture by James Hyder, Cinergetics LLC, 2010

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