‘The IMAXGuy’ Picks His Seven Favorite IMAX Films

Wednesday, October 5 by

Space Station 3D

space staion 3d imax

Space Station 3D was produced by IMAX in 2002 and is their first 3D space film. In this writer’s opinion, 3D lends itself very nicely for use in space. The 3D is absolutely perfect. There is footage of a shuttle launch, and one of a Russian proton rocket, which throws debris at the camera and breaks the glass of the protective camera housing. In a full size IMAX theater, the eight eighteen-inch subwoofers do their job reproducing the sound and feel of a shuttle launch.

Rolling Stones: At the Max

rolling stones at the max imax

This was IMAX’s first concert film, clocking in at 62 minutes. It was made with an intermission because in 1991, IMAX projection systems couldn’t run more than 45-50 minutes of film. When played back in the theater, just like a real Rolling Stones concert, your ears will be ringing for the next few hours.

North of Superior

North of Superior was one of the first IMAX films made way back in 1971. I was able to see this a few years ago at a Giant Screen Cinema Association convention at the Universal Citywalk’s IMAX Theater. It was shot on older 65mm negative film, but IMAX had a new copy struck on Kodak 2383 Vision film stock. I was amazed at the timeless beauty of the Canadian countryside in this production.

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