It was only a matter of time before a series was made about the massive community of online video game players who are loyal and spend more money on video games then people do on seeing movies every year. "The Guild" is that show, launching first online as an independent sitcom-style web series and recently being picked up by Xbox Live to run on their streaming service, which is perfect for their brand. So who are these new crop of actors in this hit online show that follows gamer's lives online and offline. Check out some details below.

Vincent Blazzo, aka Bladezz, the Rogue/Thief.

A Massachusetts native, Vincent Blazzo moved to Los Angeles with his family and after going to a theater school, began to follow acting at age thirteen. He booked a job on "American Fork," a movie from the producer of "Napoleon Dynamite." Beyond being an actor on "The Guild," he is also an avid magician, always playing with decks of cards. He aspires to be a member of the Magic Castle, which is an exclusive club for magicians in Los Angeles.

Felicia Day, aka Codex, the Healer.

Felicia has been a working actress for a while now, as she got an early start on her career. She was home schooled in Huntsville, Alabama and then began college at age 16 at The University of Texas at Austin. From there she began to be cast in a number of television series and films, namely "Windfall," "Monk," and as a reoccurring role in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." She is definitely an actor you will see in the future, regardless of the success of the series "The Guild," and she's practically a goddess to the geek community.

Jeff Lewis, aka Vork, the Guild Master.

Jeff Lewis is a veteran comedic actor and graduate of Second City, who has worked for a number of major kid's comedy shows, like HBO's "Sketch Pad" and Nickelodeon's "Catscratch." He also writes screenplays and seems focused on his personal life, as well as his acting on various different television and online series. That's tough to do, especially when you are on a popular online television show.

Amy Okuda, aka Tinkerballa, the Ranger.

The cute Amy Okuda is another Los Angeles native who began working in the entertainment world from her early teenage years, first as a dancer and then as an actor in television commercials. She is best known as a print model, working for major companies on print campaigns worldwide. "The Guild" is her first real TV series, though she did land a role on Showtime's "Californication."

Sandeep Parikh, aka Zaboo, the Warlock.

Sandeep Parikh is a part-time actor, but full-time writer and director. He has been making his own web series, namely Comedy Central's "The Legend of Neil," which is similar to "The Guild" in the sense that it's about a guy actually getting sucked into a video game. He runs a stand-up and sketch comedy community called EffinFunny and is clearly very busy in the entertainment community.

Robin Thorsen, aka Clara, the Mage.

Robin is an accomplished theater actor who has acted on stage all over the country. She has been awarded an Irene Ryan nomination to the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival for her comedy performances. "The Guild" is her first real series and she is thankful that it is such a hit. Her quirky presence and humor have been a boon to the series, and it's likely that she'll find herself more work in the future as a result.