The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Political Appearances On ‘SNL’

Monday, April 16 by

Sarah Palin

After SNL and Tina Fey spent the better part of a year mocking the lady that didn’t need to know foreign policy because Russia was just off her front porch, it was only a matter of time before Palin came on to do the whole “I’m in on the joke, too” bit.

The thing is, Palin shouldn’t be in on the joke. SNL seems to give every celebrity it mocks, especially the political ones, a chance to come on and give their seal of approval to whatever fun the show pokes at them, which tends to undermine the satire. It happens with such frequency now that it seems the skits are crafted with moments like this in mind. Nobody needs Sarah Palin or Bill Clinton, or Rudy Giuliani to sign off on these parodies, and the result is more than a little awkward. Kudos to SNL and Lorne Michaels for bringing in Marky Mark to diffuse the situation, cause if there’s any celebrity whose appearance can make everyone forget how awkward things are, it’s Wahlberg, right?


John McCain

Politicians seem to be very eager to jump on the SNL bandwagon in an effort to make them more likable, which makes perfect sense, as they spend most of their campaign making themselves out to be as humorless as possible.

McCain had an ever bigger obstacle to overcome as people thought that he wasn’t so much humorless, but sorta crazy. While McCain’s appearance wasn’t altogether unfunny, it should serve as a lesson to anyone who wants to appear very funny on camera: Don’t go up against or with Tina Fey. You will look very unfunny by comparison.

The premise of the sketch is great, and McCain doesn’t seem as wooden as one might have thought, but the humor of the segment seemed to be lost moments later when people realized, “Yikes. That doesn’t really seem too far from the truth.”

A funny sketch gives us a sobering reality that this Palin lady is very real, and McCain thinks that presenting her in this way might get us to vote for him.

That said, the talking Joe Biden doll is about fifteen types of awesome.

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