"Final Destination" movies have gained the reputation for being some of the most disgusting yet entertaining films ever made, a horror franchise that blood and guts fans have grown to love. At least, that's the only explanation for why Hollywood has made so many sequels. The premise is simple: a bunch of characters cheat death in an opening scene and death slowly but surely tracks them down and kills them in grotesque and imaginative methods. Six of the most disgusting deaths that have occurred in these movies are listed below.

The Pool Pump Death.

In the fourth installment in the "Final Destination" series, there is an incredibly disgusting and incredibly memorable, or perhaps scarring death involving a character named Hunt. He goes swimming in a pool with a sinister pool pump that sucks him down into it and sucks his guts out of him, drowning and disgustingly killing him. The people who thought of this death are relatively deranged, although it did famously happen to a girl several years ago in real life.

Train Track Decapitation.

In the original "Final Destination" movie, the character Billy, who is played by Sean William Scott, has a very unique and grotesque death near the end of the film. Standing by some train tracks he has his head partially decapitated by stray piece of sheet metal. The partial decapitation is the grossest part, by far. Then again, some people would like to see this happen to Sean William Scott in more movies.

Weight Lifting Head Crush.

In the third "Final Destination" Lewis Romero's character is showing off for his girlfriend in their weight room, trying to show he can lift a lot of weight. Ultimately, his head is crushed like a piece of meat by this extra weight, giving a new meaning to the term "meathead." While disgusting, this scene is also a little funny, at least if you are into these types of gory movies.

Tanning Booth Death.

Also in "Final Destination 3," two girls who are marked for death have an appropriately awful and gruesome death. When they head to the tanning beds that they visit frequently, there is a short circuit and the tanning beds quickly turn into ovens, cooking the valley girls to a sickening crisp. It's enough to keep you from ever visiting a tanning booth again, or for the first time.

Two For One Death.

In "Final Destination 2" two people are killed for the price of one in a chain of events that is both funny and utterly gross and brutal. Kat crashes in her News van, causing a cigarette lighter to hit the gas line, which causes the news van to explode, which causes a barbed wire fence to be launched at Rory, who is literally sliced into pieces. In a way, that's brilliant writing.

Glass Smash.

In "Final Destination 2" the character Tim has a shockingly gruesome death, when a large piece of glass falls on him from above. A crane drops a large window pane on his head by accident, creating some of the most blood of any of the deaths in "Final Destination" movie. At least it's quick and relatively painless though. In the pantheon of "Destination" deaths, brevity is a luxury that is not often afforded the victims.