The Dr. is in: The Actors Who Have Played Doctor Who

Saturday, March 17 by Gregory Wakeman


"Doctor Who's" longevity is something to marvel at. It has been broadcast for over 50 years and has been through many peaks and troughs in its tenure. However with the show now being over half a century old it has of course needed to change the face of its main protagonist several times. There have been old men, young adults and middle aged gentleman employed in one of the most prestigious roles in Television history. Here is a deeper look at the men who have been chosen to play the beloved Doctor.

The First Doctor – William Hartnell.


William Hartnell played the Doctor between 1963 and 1966 and also reprised his role in "The Three Doctors" in 1973, which was a 10th anniversary story. The regeneration of the Doctor was added to the series narrative when Hartnell asked to leave the series due to his ailing health. Which as a consequence allowed the show to have an extended life for many, many years.

The Second Doctor – Patrick Troughton.


Troughton's bowl hair cut and frumpy frame shocked many viewers who watched the original doctor transform in 1966. Audiences were not sure how to take this man who said he was the doctor and it was only when a Dalek recognized him that his companions accepted him as the Doctor.

The Third Doctor – Jon Pertwee.


Jon Pertwee's Doctor helped to modernize the show. He was a suave, dapper and technologically-orientated incarnation and was more violent than his predecessors, being trained in karate. He even had his own vehicle, majestically entitled the Whomobile. Genius.

The Fourth Doctor – Tom Baker.


Tom Baker is the man who has become synonymous with the sci-fi franchise. His curly locks and long scarf are impossible to imagine not next to the 600full-peter-davison.jpeg

Davison's Doctor was the 1980s personified. He was cheesy, brash and terribly unfashionable. He is often looked at as a silly and more scientific version of the Time Lord, but his stories were also often dark and gritty, most notably in the death of one of his companions. Adric.

The Sixth Doctor – Colin Baker.


The Sixth Doctor will always be remembered for his brightly colored and mismatched clothes. He also possessed a huge personality but was also still well equipped to face many of his regular foes in the Master, Daleks and Cybermen.

The Seventh Doctor – Sylvester McCoy


The man responsible for the shows demise, McCoy's portrayal was more slow and thoughtful and slightly whimsical. He eventually would become more manipulative and secretive which would coincide with the shows demise.

The Eighth Doctor – Paul McGann


McGann's doctor was only in one TV Film but his passion, eccentricity and enthusiasm was immediately evident. The Eighth Doctor has also appeared in various novels, comic books and audio dramas with his doctor proving to be one of the series most popular.

The Ninth Doctor – Christopher Eccleston.


Eccleston brought the Time Lord back to our screens in 2005 and the whole country was shocked by his decision to only stay for one season. His Doctor was a war survivor who watched all of Galifrey burn in a Time War.

The Tenth Doctor – David Tennant.


One of, if not, the most popular incarnation of the Doctor. Tennant turned the Time Lord into a pop star. He was personable, light-hearted, witty and cheeky but could also be unforgiving and vengeful and his exit sparked a time of mourning at the BBC.

The Eleventh Doctor – Matt Smith.


Matt Smith's appointment as the Doctor was a complete shock. Many famous actors such as Jason Statham, Paterson Joseph and David Morrissey had been rumoured but it was the young British actor who was awarded the role. And he has since made it his own.

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