The Collected Trailers Of All 13 Stanley Kubrick Films

Thursday, March 8 by
Truth be told, we only found 12 trailers.  

Yesterday marked the 13th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s death. His passing left a void in the film world that has yet to be filled. In honor of the man and what he added to the tapestry of film and culture, we’ve decided to take a look at his full body of feature film work.

Check out the trailers to each of his films below to witness the growth of not just one director, but also modern film as we know it.

Killer’s Kiss (1955)

The voice-over narrator isn’t kidding when he refers to this film being as hard as the streets of New York. It doesn’t get much harder than threatening to kill the woman who just criticized your personal odor. Times were much different before Giuliani.

The Killing (1956)

Granted, movie trailers have changed a great deal over the past fifty years. But was it always common practice back then to show character deaths and the movie’s ending in the trailer? We only do that nowadays with The Final Destination films.

Paths of Glory (1957)

You can really see Kubrick’s growth as a director and auteur by watching these trailers in sequence. For instance, with the Paths of Glory trailer, his framing is built more upon movement and more dynamic compositions. The invention of the Fisher dolly likely helped with this, as well.

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