The Chosen: 6 Badass Jewish Movie Heroes

Thursday, January 5 by Steve Silverman

arnold rothsetin king of the roaring 20s

Arnold Rothstein, King of the Roaring 20’s.” Rothstein was a notorious scam artist and gambler. Played by David Janssen in this 1961 movie, Rothstein accumulates money and power throughout the course of the film because he thinks faster and quicker than those chasing him and has enough muscle to get rid of those who cross him. Rothstein’s greatest scam came in 1919 when he served as the architect behind the fixed World Series that allowed the Cincinnati Reds to defeat the heavily favored Chicago White Sox.

tony curtis lepke

Louis “LepkeBuchalter ,Lepke.” In this 1975 film, Tony Curtis portrayed Jewish gangster Louis “LepkeBuchalter. Lepke was one of the top figures in organized crime in the 1930s and he was a tough guy who would run over anybody to get what he wanted. He ran the Mafia hit squad “Murder Incorporated” and he was responsible for the murder of many individuals, including Albert “Mad Hatter” Anastasia and Dutch Schultz.

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