The Chosen: 6 Badass Jewish Movie Heroes

Thursday, January 5 by Steve Silverman


Just as there are Jewish doctors, lawyers and politicians, there are also several bad-ass movie heroes who happen to be Jewish. Some are on the side of right, but others are on the other side of the law and have ties with organized crime. The most notable Jewish tough guys have had some memorable turns on film.

Aldo-Raine inglorious bastards

Lieutenant Aldo Raine, “Inglorious Basterds.” This 2009 movie followed the exploits of a fictional group of U.S. soldiers during World War II whose mission was to find Nazi soldiers and kill them. Raine (played by Brad Pitt) was their leader and he set the course of action that the soldiers took and he did it with clarity, toughness and precision. Raine’s crew was referred to as “The Basterds” and they lived up to their reputation with their violence and brutality.

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