The Cast of Clarissa Explains it All

Tuesday, January 3 by Joseph Gibson

sam oneal clarissa

Sean O’Neal Not to be confused with the Onion AV Club writer of the same name, Sean O’Neal’s resume has been a bit sparse since “Clarissa” left the airwaves. He remains best known for his role as Sam, the best friend to Clarissa who often entered her room through a strategically placed ladder. Since then, he appeared as “Bully #2″ in “Cop and a Half,” and as a “bagman” in “The Cost.” It’s not too late for a come-back though!

elizabeth hess clarissa

Elizabeth Hess Liz Hess made an indelible impression as Clarissa’s hippie-dippie mom, but her work since “Clarissa” has mostly been on the stage. She has also appeared on “Law and Order” and currently teaches acting at New York University.

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