Ah, "Clarissa Explains it All." It's one of the most beloved of all the '90s Nickelodeon series, for its spunky lead character and irreverent sense of humor. Also because we were kids and would watch pretty much anything that was on TV while we were awake. Anyway, you've probably wondered what the cast of "Clarissa" has been up to since the show went off the air. Wonder no more! Here is your guide to the cast of "Clarissa Explains it All."

Melissa Joan Hart Hart was definitely the Harrison Ford of this group, going on to have the most successful career of the bunch. She even had another popular TV series under her belt, "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." Since "Sabrina," she's appeared in a variety of films, and put in some time on "Dancing with the Stars." She can be seen in commercials for laundry detergent and on her new sitcom "Melissa and Joey," starring herself and Joey Lawrence.

Jason Zimbler His performance as Ferguson, the platonic ideal of the bratty little brother, was so good that many viewers of "Clarissa" wanted to punch him in the face repeatedly, and never stop punching. Unfortunately, he was either unwilling or unable to parlay this skillful performance into any greater success in acting. In fact, Zimbler now makes a living behind the camera as a software designer for HBO. He has appeared in a handful of acting roles, though, including a music video with fellow Nickelodeon alumni.

Sean O'Neal Not to be confused with the Onion AV Club writer of the same name, Sean O'Neal's resume has been a bit sparse since "Clarissa" left the airwaves. He remains best known for his role as Sam, the best friend to Clarissa who often entered her room through a strategically placed ladder. Since then, he appeared as "Bully #2" in "Cop and a Half," and as a "bagman" in "The Cost." It's not too late for a come-back though!

Elizabeth Hess Liz Hess made an indelible impression as Clarissa's hippie-dippie mom, but her work since "Clarissa" has mostly been on the stage. She has also appeared on "Law and Order" and currently teaches acting at New York University.

Joe O'Connor Clarissa's dad has become one of those "that guys," guys you see on TV and in movies all the time, but whose names remain obscure. He was most recently seen in "The Green Hornet," but anybody who watches TV and movies knows this guy's face—he's also done a lot of commercial acting work.