Southern films with great storylines filled with passion, violence, suspense and romance can be found from the biggest easy and these 5 movies set in New Orleans. Here are some older or little known movies that masterfully draw the audience into this historical setting where beauty and mystique are inescapable.

"The Cincinnati Kid" Steve McQueen and Edward G. Robinson go head to head with opposing circumstances and suspenseful consequences. McQueen plays a young poker shark that travels to the big games with beautiful woman. Lancey Howard (Robinson) is a champion card shark that plays Kid in a high-stakes game. See who comes out second best in this unexpected, brutal ending.

"Hard Times" Set during the Depression and one of the five movies set in New Orleans, "Hard Times" is a fast-paced boxing movie starring James Coburn as Speed Weed and Charles Bronson as Chaney. Chaney, a strong, silent boxer, arrives near penniless in New Orleans. Speed becomes his promoter who Chaney finds a bit edgy and unscrupulous. Chaney eventually gets set up for the fight of his life with potential fatal consequences. "Hard Times" is an overlooked diamond in the rough that many have never seen.

"French Quarter" This little-known movie has all of the voodoo and mysticism that New Orleans is famous for. Prepare to be haunted, surprised and delighted. Starring Virginia Mayo in dual roles, the storyline follows the experiences of a woman and her fellow prostitutes into the decadence found in New Orleans. "French Quarter" engages the viewer in a tangled and twisted plot that ultimately satisfies.

"The Big Easy" This spicy movie has all the charm and ambiance the Big Easy is allowed to exude in one setting. Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin have an unforgettable chemistry and performance in one of the best-known New Orleans movies. Barkin plays a prosecutor sent to New Orleans to investigate police corruption. She has a steamy affair with Quaid, a Cajun detective that may be the main suspect in her investigation.

"Blaze" "Blaze" is a must see Paul Newman is the unconventional and flamboyant governor of Louisiana who gets mixed up with the stripper Blaze Starr. This movie is a real-life story that reflects the latter years of Governor Earl Long, depicting the attack on his controversial politics which include Civil Rights for blacks in the 1950s and bashing of his questionable lifestyle. Will he stand strong in his convictions, win the election and keep Blaze? Starr is played by Lolita Davidovich and produces a phenomenal acting performance as we peel back the layers of her innocent and tawdry life in this memorable film.