In honor of this week's release of Quentin Tarantino's classic Pulp Fiction on Blu-ray, Screen Junkies has taken a look back at the most noteworthy Pulp Fiction parodies from the past 17 years. From “Saturday Night Live" to “Community” to ”House M.D.” and beyond, Pulp Fiction has been referenced and spoofed in every way imaginable. With that in mind, let's explore the lighter side of a film that features murder, overdosing, and forced sodomy.

Lil' Pulp Fiction is the newest entry on this list, and it comes from our parent site After all, why let the opportunity for a shameless plug go to waste.


I have yet to immerse myself into the U.K. series Spaced, but I understand the series featured spoofs of many different films and television shows. This one, an homage to the final showdown between Butch and Vincent, is pretty solid. It also features Nick Frost, who ruled in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and can make me laugh pretty much by standing still.


NBC's excellent sitcom "Community" has parodied everything from Predator to Goodfellas to Space Camp. Last season's episode, "Critical Film Studies," devoted itself to Pulp Fiction, and really captured the deep love that the film's fans have for it. Bonus point: Britta looked super hot in her Mia Wallace costume.

House M.D.

The season seven "House" episode "Two Stories" features lead character Dr. House retelling a story to his colleagues, with clever embellishment inspired by Pulp Fiction. We always knew the good doctor was capable of busting a cap into some poor fool.

Saturday Night Live

Norm Macdonald always claimed he was terrible at sketch comedy during his stint on "S.N.L," and preferred to stick to the "Weekend Update" segment. While he's no Phil Hartman, this clip shows his Quentin Tarantino impression wasn't half bad, and the idea of Walter Cronkite as the gimp is inspired.

MTV Movie Awards

This 1995 "MTV Movie Awards" sketch takes aim at both Pulp Fiction and John Travolta's old series: "Welcome Back Kotter," which probably explains why nobody under 40 got the joke then, and why nobody under 66 gets it now.


Like most bits from the early days of "MADtv," the "Gump Fiction" sketch, a cross between Pulp Fiction and...wait for it- Forest Gump!- isn't very funny. Still, the sketch features "MADtv" cast member Phil LaMarr, who also played ill-fated Marvin in the film, so that's kind of cool.

Family Guy

This terrific"Family Guy" clip plays off of the dinner between Vincent and Mia. "Family Guy" has taken quick shots at Pulp Fiction, and other Tarantino films, several times, and the results are always hilarious.

The Simpsons

In the 1996 "Simpson's" episode, "22 Short Films About Springfield," the show's writers poked fun at the film in several ways, including the infamous "gimp" scene shown above. It's an awesome episode of the show, and a healthy knowledge of Pulp Fiction makes it even funnier.

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