The Best Movie Trailers Of 2011 (So Far)

Wednesday, December 14 by

Final Destination 5

Haters were rolling their eyes when news of a fifth Final Destination was announced. “Derp. How can there be anutha when it’s called final. Derp-a-derp.” But those eyes quickly stopped rolling in their heads when they saw footage of a girl’s eye being melted. That coupled with the tremendous-looking bridge collapse sequence had everyone talking. Though it wasn’t enough to get audiences to theaters, we still have to applaud the image of David Koechner coated in hot tar. That was for Snakes on a Plane, jerk!


The initial teaser for Limitless was a brilliant piece of marketing. Modeled after pharmaceutical ads, it showed Bradley Cooper enjoying the benefits of a richer existence thanks to a miracle drug that opened up the full potential of his brain. The best part of the viral ad was that it never spelled out exactly what it was promoting. For awhile I thought it was just an ad for Bradley Cooper.

“So that’s how he manages to be so charming and eloquent all of the time! He’s been juicing!”

Paranormal Activity 3

Very little was known about the plot and production of Paranormal Activity 3 when this teaser came along. In fact, many suspected it to be a fan-made imposter based off the low-fi quality of the footage. But no one could deny the chills produced by the Bloody Mary sequence that closes the preview. The teaser turned out to be real and a perfect way to sell the scariest film of the year.

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