Ah, autumn. There's a slight chill in the air, the leaves are changing, and the sunlight  has that special golden quality. What better season to park yourself in front of the TV and watch a movie? These five movies capture the season of fall in a way that should be pretty satisfying viewing experience. Enjoy as you hunker down for another bitter winter season.

1. "The Trouble With Harry"

The "trouble with Harry" of the title happens to be that he's dead in Alfred Hitchcock's warm and gentle murder-comedy. This is less troublesome for the audience, since he died in a beautifully autumnal Vermont countryside. The body bounces between the various inhabitants of the town, including Shirley MacLaine and John Forsythe. It's a surprisingly delightful comedy from Hitch, and it captures the season of fall perfectly.

2. "Halloween"

One of the best parts about the fall season is the macabre holiday Halloween, which provides the centerpiece for John Carpenter's seminal horror-thriller. The plot is that criminally insane killer Michael Myers has escaped from a mental institution and returns to his hometown on Halloween, years after he murdered his sister on that same holiday. Huh, it looks like Hollywood often associated autumn with murder.

3. "E.T."

Another great movie that features Halloween (but no murders this time), the suburban scifi drama "E.T." is largely set in that golden season of changing leaves and kids dressed up as Yoda roaming the streets in search of candy. It just wouldn't be autumn without these things, would it?

4. "Paranoid Park"

Portland, Oregon is a pretty autumnal place, and Gus Van Sant's dreamy teenage drama is set in both the perfect time and the perfect place for autumn. Even the plot has a kind of gloomy autumnal quality, as a sad teenage skateboarder accidentally murders a security guard and has to evade capture by the authorities. It's not a high-paced thriller, though, as Van Sant opts for a more slow, atmospheric approach. It is fall, after all.

5. "Juno"

This cult comedy covers the 9-month span of a teenage pregnancy, so not all of it is set in the fall. But the part of it that is captures the oranges and browns of the season perfectly, along with the accompanying bittersweet melancholy. After all, when you're a teenager, it always feels like autumn. Especially if you're a pregnant and snarky one.