When considering the nine most terrifying movie clowns from your nightmares, the films must be so horrifying that not only will you have nightmares, but "daymares" as well. Below are nine movies that are guaranteed to scare the crap out of you.



Based on the novel by Stephen King, "It" delivers as a terrifying clown movie. Not only is the villainous Pennywise the Clown a killer clown, his victims are mostly children, making him much more nightmarish. One particular scary scene takes place at the beginning of the movie where Pennywise tricks a young Georgie into reaching down into a sidewalk drain. Say "good-bye" to Georgie.


"Killer Klowns From Outer Space"

This 1988 cult classic is a terrifying movie about clowns, more specifically alien clowns, who invade earth in hopes of using humans as a food source. These clowns get creative and use all kinds of trickery to maim humans. In one scene a killer clown actually punches the head off a biker. Awesome! Word on the street is that a 2013 3D sequel is going to be released.



While clowns are not the main haunts from this classic Steven Spielberg film, one of the most terrifying scenes from the entire movie is when a creepy looking stuffed clown moves from one side of a young boy's room to the pillow next to his head. This terrifying movie clown has been in moviegoers nightmares for years. 



With sharp teeth and a menacing look, the killer clown in this 2000 slasher film is probably the most terrifying of the nine listed films. Additionally, the clown does not die in the movie as it appears very much alive at the end of the film when he pops up from the covers of an unsuspecting hottie



Now you may ask, what is scarier than an evil clown? And we'd have to answer that it would be an escaped mental patient posing as a clown. If that's what you're into, then "Clownhouse" is the movie for you. You not only get one mental patient, but three! They love clowns so much that they kill three of them, take their identity, and have fun with it.



One of the most disturbing Clown movies is "Gacy," which is based on a true story about a serial killer in Chicago who would torture and kill young boys. In the movie, Gacy was dressed as a clown as lured the boys in and committed these terrible acts. After several years of mayhem, Gacy was finally convicted for his crimes.



 "Clownstophia" is another terrifying clown movie involving an escaped mental patient who likes to murder his victims by smashing them to bloody pulps with baseball bats, kitchen utensils, or whatever else he can get his hands on. This 2009 indie horror film features victims who are genuinely afraid of clowns to begin with. Now that's real torture!



This movie features another terrifying movie clown who remains alive at the end of the film. The clown goes on a rampage in Orange County, CA where he ends up slaughtering a plethora of victims. Not to be overlooked is the clown's name is "Horny." Horny's favorite weapon of mayhem is a large ax.

"The Clown at Midnight"

What can be more scary than being locked up in an old opera house with the phone lines cut?  Being locked up in an old opera house with a killer clown...and the phone lines cut. The clown gets creative In this movie, and some of his victims are electrocuted, impaled by a spear, and decapitated.