The 9 Most Intimidating Movie Moustaches

Tuesday, October 18 by

Bull Hurley – Over the Top

The odds-on favorite to win the World’s Arm Wrestling Championships in Las Vegas, Bull Hurley could also take the top-spot in the World’s Moustache Championships. Dude in unstoppable. He can snap your arm with the flex of his arm muscles, and soil your pants with a raise of his lip.

Daniel Plainview – There Will Be Blood

Much like its host, Daniel Plainview’s moustache is completely soulless. But what body! In fact, I heard that another man once tried to compare his moustache to Plainview’s. The fool had the hair ripped off his face like a Band-Aid.

Paul Kersey – Death Wish

Paul Kersey’s intimidation factor comes from his steely confidence. And wouldn’t you be confident rocking a nose neighbor like that? It’s the 357 of ‘staches.

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