The 9 Most Forgettable Films Of 2011

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Ugh. We get it James Cameron. You like water and 3D. Time to move on. Cameron produced this 3D thriller that sends underwater cave divers into the most dangerous cave system known to man. They find themselves in the fight for their lives against nature after some dickhead storm comes through and seals off their exit. The largely unknown cast may have caused this to fade from the public’s conscience, or it could be the fact that everyone assumed this was an IMAX documentary.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

This is too bad. I like Brandon Routh but the guy just has such bad luck with movies. Superman Returns was hated on. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World underwhelmed. And then Dylan Dog: Dead of Night got a 6% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, probably due to the fact that it resembled Hudson Hawk with zombies. Wiat, that actually sounds like a pretty awesome pitch. Someone please take me to the alternate universe where a Hudson Hawk sequel featuring zombies exists.

What’s Your Number?

Has this already been in theaters? Wow. Totally passed me by. I keep hoping for more from Anna Faris, as she’s proved that she’s got what it takes to become one of the all time great comedic actresses. However, she hasn’t headlined the right vehicle. Where is the fearless girl we’ve seen in her scene-stealing supporting roles? I obviously didn’t buy a ticket for this, but I’d be willing to see her in something where doesn’t try to channel Goldie Hawn.

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