The 9 Most Forgettable Films Of 2011

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Oh yeah... This was a thing. 

2011 has been a big year for movies. We said goodbye to Harry Potter and hello to a new wave of female-driven comedy with Bridesmaids. It was also a year that made it really hard for a film to be noticed. Apart from a few exceptions, sequels and superhero origin tales got the most attention. Among these big budget outings, were some films that pretty much just got up to get down, leaving barely a wrinkle in the brains of movie-watchers.

This might be painful for you, but it’s important to remember. Join us as we think back to 2011’s most forgettable flicks.

Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles shocked everyone when it enjoyed a surprisingly bigger opening than anyone expected. It actually started a trend of studios eager to buy anything that featured a science fiction plotline, no matter how flimsy. Though not a terrible movie (Michelle Rodriguez gets punched by an alien), it was just missing a certain ingredient and proved almost instantly forgettable. If memory serves, they kill the aliens with water or something.

The Green Hornet

Seth Rogen lost all that weight for nothing. It took a lot of effort to bring The Green Hornet to the screen, but sadly, most of that effort was spent wrangling the behind-the-scenes egos of director Michel Gondry and almost star Stephen Chow. Another obstacle the film faced was being overshadowed by the release of The Green Lantern. The name similarities only confused the baby, and The Green Hornet was asked to stop coming around so much.

The Rite

Anthony Hopkins versus demons should be a no-brainer hit. In 1993. However, he’s got too many crappy movies in his past for audiences to bother with this generic exorcism tale. Let’s just all rewatch that movie where he acts like a monkey.

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