Movie plot holes are blotted throughout cinema's history.  Whether you are able to witness them yourself or need them pointed out to you by an eager-eyed friend after the fact, once you know about them you are unable to watch that movie again without picking up on the error.

But which movie plot holes are so huge that they blight the film to the point that you can't forgive those involved. Here are 9 huge movie plot holes.

"Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade"

In order for Indy to cross a trap, the architect must spell out the name of God, if he misspells it he falls to his death. Going first for J he falls and uses the letters L and Y to get him back up. But as the word he is trying to spell is Jehovah and neither L or Y are in this piece of lexicon. Shouldn't he have fallen again?

"The Shawshank Redemption"

Andy Dufrane is able to hide his path out of prison by placing a poster over his carefully constructed hole. However he has no roommate, so who reattaches the poster once he's left? 

"Star Wars : Revenge Of The Sith"

Obi-Wan Kenobi announces that he has won his battle with Anakin Skywalker as he has the high ground. But surely with Jedi's ability to levitate through the air this wouldn't actually matter a jot.

"Batman Begins"

Ra's al Ghul and the Scarecrow's water emitter has the power to vaporize all of the water in Gotham. But as people are made up of 70% water, wouldn't it kill them too?

"Spider-Man 2"

Peter Parker and Mary Jane's reconciliation at a coffee shop is interrupted by a car being thrown through its window by Doc-Ock who is looking to hurt Spider-Man's alter ego. But how does Doc-Ock know Peter's actually Spider-Man?


The Decepticons are able to access all of the world's internet with a simple push of a button, so surely they can find Sam Witwicky's grandfather glasses (which can guide them to their precious All Spark) on eBay and put a bid on it! Maybe they're just really cheap.

"The Hangover"

Doug is stuck on the roof of a Las Vegas hotel whilst his 3 friends go around the city looking to find the soon-to-be groom. But why doesn't Doug just look for assistance himself? He throws a mattress off the roof and that's it?

"The Lost World : Jurassic Park"

A large ship carrying the T-Rex to San Diego docks with everyone on board killed but the dinosaur is still locked in his cage. So who killed them? A deleted scene actually reveals that a loose raptor murder the ship's inhabitants but it still doesn't explain how it remained on course.

"Reservoir Dogs"

Mr. Orange has a gun aimed at him by Joe Cabot, whilst Mr White is preparing to shoot Joe, Nice Guy Eddie has his weapon pointed at Mr White. Off go all of the weapons. But who shoots Nice Guy Eddie? Maybe his was a purely natural death.