The 5 Hottest Women in Mad Men

Thursday, February 23 by Sasha Mela


Mad Men” is loved by critics for it’s painstaking attention to detail, by women for all the delicious blast-from-the-past dresses and hairstyles, and by men for all the beautiful women in the show. With all these stunners — from gorgeous redheads, Marilyn Monroe blondes, Jackie O. brunettes and all the stunning ladies in between, “Mad Men” is one to watch. Here are five of the hottest women in “Mad Men.”

Dr. Faye Miller, played by Cara Buomo


Dr. Faye works for a company which Sterling Cooper hires for consumer research. Don Draper is immediately attracted to this leggy, intellectual blonde. As they get to know each other, Faye tries to comfort Sally in an awkward situation and helps Don calm down when he has a post-war panic attack. They drift apart and when she abruptly finds out that he’s marrying someone else, Faye is devastated. With her mix of beauty and brains, Dr. Faye Miller is one of the five hottest women in “Mad Men”.


Megan Caved, played by Jessica Pare


Megan is a secretary hired to work the front desk of ad agency Sterling Cooper. Her lithe frame and stunning looks get the attention of Peggy Olson friend’s in New York’s art scene as well as Don’s, who gives her the additional job of his personal secretary. Her gentle nature and ability to comfort and discipline his children without scolding them win’s Don’s heart and he eventually asks Megan to marry him.


Jane Siegel, played by Peyton List


Jane is a new graduate who immediately sets her sights on Don Draper after being hired as his secretary. Don is unimpressed with Jane’s attempts at winning his heart by hiding his indiscretions from his daughter or buying him new shirts. Jane eventually starts seeing Roger Sterling, who eventually leaves his wife for her. Beautiful Jane has no problem weaseling her way into Roger’s life but her good looks don’t help much when she’s trying to feel accepted by his daughter and friends.


Betty Draper, played by January Jones


Oddly enough, January Jones‘ real name suits her “Mad Men” character far better than it suits her real-life self. January is often seen smiling wide with loose, wavy blonde tresses on the red carpet whereas Betty almost always has a stern facial expression set in stone and her hair is meticulously styled and frozen in place. This former model won Don’s heart when she was a pretty young thing but their relationship has grown distant and poisoned by Don’s many infidelities. He has passionate sex with other women but love-less sex with his own wife. Betty grows increasingly more and more bitter and erratic because of Don’s behavior and starts taking it out on other people. This femme fatale is seen shooting her neighbors pigeons, slapping her children, yelling at them and even impulsively slapping a neighbor who dared call out her questionable behavior. But she looks mighty fine doing all of it.


Joan Holloway, played by Christina Hendricks


With her generous curves in all the right places, wispy tendrils of hair and pillow-y lips, Joan is the undisputed red-headed Marilyn Monroe of “Mad Men”. One of the employees once quip that Marilyn is a Joan, not the other way around. Long time girlfriend of one of the firm‘s partners, Joan enjoys the privileges of being woman on top as office manager. She keeps all the girls in line and gives them advice almost as a matronly figure. She reminds the men of their duties and generally keeps a tight ship. She eventually marries a surgeon who doesn’t appreciate her and is too overwhelmed with his own insecurities to be man enough to treat her right. Although Joan takes care of everyone else at the office, she herself has no one she can turn to for advice or comfort.

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