The 9 Highest-Grossing Movies Of All Time (Written Without Help From Wikipedia)

Wednesday, January 18 by

6. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

This film came immediately after Pirates of the Caribbean: The Scorpion King, though both made millions of dollars. Hmm. I will give someone $500 if they are, in any way, able to prove they can distinguish between this film and the Stronger Tides one without Wikipedia.

5. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Can you believe that this film made many millions of dollars? Believe it! It featured Viggo Mortensen, Samuel L. Jackson, and Ian McKellan as three elves on a mission to return the king to his rightful owner. The film also featured Stephen Tyler’s daughter as Hermione.

4. Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon

Transformers, though often maligned as a film based on Nerf toys, is actually a very popular film. The film itself has made millions of dollars, and a lot more money has been made in licensing the characters, such as Shia LaBeouf’s People’s Choice Award-winning turn as Bumblebee, a yellow robot that has sex with Megan Fox while her real-life boyfriend, Brian Austin Green from Beverly Hills, 90210, watches.

The film also stars Taye Diggs and either Josh Duhamel or Channing Tatum. Nick Turturro also plays an army guy, all of which are factored in to why this film made so much money.

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