The Vikings, as history has revealed, were some of the most feared bands of warriors in the world, living in the colder Northern regions of the world and exploring North America long before the European explorers made the trip across the pond. In other words, they are ideal to make movies about. However, there are not a lot of well-known Viking movies, for a couple reasons. One, most are not very good and two, people don't seem to love Vikings as much as they do, say, vampires and werewolves. But we've put this list together to prove one thing: Vikings, and movies about them, are badass. Even if the movie sucks at the end of the day.



This a Viking movie that meets a science fiction film, as a band of Vikings end up having to fight a monster. This is a common theme in some of the most famous Viking stories, so this is nothing new. Because of the familiarity of the story, also known as lack of originality, the movie as a whole suffers. However, John Hurt and Jim Caviezel are fun to watch.


"Berserker: Hell's Warrior"

Time traveling Viking vampires who wear sunglasses throughout the film should be enough of a description to make you want to see this Viking movie. It's a terrible movie, but so bad that it's worth a leisurely watch. Plus, the Viking ship and costumes are possibly the best part of the film, so this is definitely worth it for real Viking fans.


"Beowulf and Grendel"

This is based on the famous epic story about the Viking warrior named Beowulf who is sent to kill the vicious beast known as Grendel. This adaptation of the awesome story moves a bit slowly, as they clearly had a smaller budget. However, it's incredibly realistic and the setting is epic. For independent film fans who want to see a good Viking movie, this version of the Beowulf story is well worth it.



This studio, partially animated version of the epic poem is directed by Robert Zemeckis and stars Angelina Jolie as the ferocious Grendel's mother. While the setting is well done and there's enough money behind the animation to make the film look incredible, it falls short thematically, especially because the facial animation is distracting throughout the movie. This is the same mistake that was made on a little film called "The Polar Express."



Starring current Hollywood hunk Chris Hemsworth, "Thor" is the Viking comic book superhero that Hollywood has finally gotten around to turning into a feature film in 2011. While the movie has the same problems that most superhero films do, namely skirting on actual story and emotional development of the characters, you kind of have to admit that Thor is the most badass Viking ever. Maybe this was obvious.


"The Red Mantle"

This Danish Viking film is incredibly realistic and does a great job at showing what Vikings were probably like when they reigned and ruled their area of the world. It was made in 1967, so there are a number of dated aspects to it, however if you can look past that, you will see a Viking Romeo & Juliet that's incredibly underrated for its time.


"The 13th Warrior"

Starring Antonio Banderas, this film is one you really want to be good, as it has great set pieces and a fascinating premise. It is based on a real Arab observer of Viking culture who actually existed. It also delves into the Dark Ages and has a great script with a number of wonderful one-liners. However, there are a few plot holes, keeping it from being the most flawless Viking film that has been made yet.


"Stara Basn"

This may be the best Viking film ever made, as the art direction, costumes and setting are great, as well as the story and acting. A Polish film, believe it or not as so few great things are known to come from Poland, it contains excellent dramatics and battles that take place during the 9th century when Vikings were at the height of their power.