The 8 Most Awesomely Savage Beatings In Film

Wednesday, February 29 by

American History X

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I don’t want to go through the rest of my life without knowing what it feels like to be curbed,” you might want to see if the depiction (albeit a tempered one) of the act in American History X satisfies your curiosity (likely) and/or turns you off of the whole act altogether (also likely).

He kills the guy with one fall of his foot, so whether or not that technically constitutes a “beating,” it sure is something.


Skateboarders aren’t the most intimidating lot in the world, but, like ducks, if you are attacked by enough of them, they can do some damage. Unlike ducks, skateboarders have opposable thumbs, which means that they can hit you with skateboards and shit, as the poor recipient of this beating figures out.

Actually, he doesn’t seem like a “poor recipient,” he seems like kind of an asshole. In a film riddled with harrowing moments, this scene ranks among the harrowingest.

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