The 8 Most Awesomely Savage Beatings In Film

Wednesday, February 29 by

The Godfather

It’s hard to feel terribly bad about this beating, both because the person getting his ass stomped is wife-beater and general sleaze Carlo Rizzi, and because the fight looks pretty heavily choreographed, which takes away the “realness” of it. I had no idea that stuntwork and fight choreography had taken such giant steps since the 70’s. Since no “technology” is employed to make a fight seem real (a little foley work goes a long way though), one would think that filmmakers would have gotten out of the gate a little earlier on this one.

Fake-looking or not, this is a savage beating that Carlo gets at the hands of Sonny. Sonny finds out that Carlo has been beating his wife, who happens to be Sonny Corleone’s sister Connie. Of course, this vicious beating leads to another vicious act a few minutes down the line, but since that’s not technically a “beating,” we’ll talk about that some other time.

Office Space

That poor printer. While all the other entries here reflect person-on-person violence, Office Space offers a haunting commentary on man’s relationship with technology. Peter, SAMIR, and Michael Bolton practice a little street justice on the printer, with its smug “PC Load Letter,” and it’s cloyingly insincere, “Busy.”

My two favorite victims on this list are Jared Leto and the printer.

Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth is a fantasy film by Guillermo del Toro, who has a knack for combining the surreal with the very real to offer his audience a brand of film that is uniquely del Toro’s. Despite all the whimsical characters, the villain here is very clearly Captain Vidal, a fascist military man who appears to be out-and-out evil.

And nowhere is that made clearer than when Vidal brutally murders a farmer by smashing his face in with a bottle, instantly revealing that the villain isn’t just rigid, he’s a psychopath.

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