The 8 Found Footage Projects That Got It Right

Tuesday, February 7 by

Diary of the Dead

Zombie master George A. Romero gave the found footage genre a whirl with the largely dismissed Diary of the Dead. However, this entry in his series of Dead films was unfairly received. It’s actually one of his slicker movies, and works in his social commentary pretty well without compromising his gory style.


This story of a virus taking over an apartment building keeps the viewer guessing throughout. No character is safe as those you’d expect to make it to the end credits meet abrupt demises. Before standing back up and going completely rabid on their surviving neighbors. You’ll want to deadbolt your doors after watching.


Like Chronicle, Cloverfield was another winter found footage release that cleaned up at the box office. However, the Godzilla-esque monster movie suffered after its first week due to negative word of mouth. Which is insane, because it’s a great movie. Audiences found fault with the shaky camera work and lack of a typical Hollywood ending. Pretty harsh to bash something for switching up the same tired formula. That’s why you guys have all of those Vin Diesel movies.

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