The 8 Coolest Movie Starships

Monday, March 12 by John Coon

ET An alien race is defined by  spaceships they send out across the galaxy as much as an average person is by their car or truck. If extraterrestrial invaders do not show up in giant menacing ships that take out cities with a few blasts from a death ray, who will take them seriously? If a ship is not equipped with a kick-ass warp engine, how will a hero escape from the villain? Spaceships make or break aliens and future humans alike as individuals and as races. These eight alien starships are cool enough that anyone would want to take an extended ride in one:

1. Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)

millennium falcon.jpg

How many other freighters go from being used for small-time smuggling to saving the entire galaxy? The Millennium Falcon assisted on blowing up the first Death Star and led the attack on the second one. It also successfully navigated an asteroid field, escaped the clutches of a giant space worm and blasted its way through scores of tie fighters. To top it off, it is the only ship to make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs!

2. Nostromo (Alien)


Any romantic image of the sterile and pristine spaceship goes right out the window here. The Nostromo does the dirty work–hauling an ore refinery through space. It is dark and cramped, which heightens the terror when a nasty alien gets loose and starts killing everyone on board the craft.

3. X-Wing (Star Wars):

x wing.jpg

Entire planets could not stand up to the Death Star. The X-Wing proved to be its match. When piloted by Luke Skywalker, this little fighter craft was small enough to evade laser cannons mounted on the outer shell and launch a torpedo that resulted in a chain reaction explosion. Rumor has it that ladies in galaxies far far away dig X-Wing pilots.

4. U.S.S. Enterprise (Star Trek):


If you are going to go where no one has gone before, the Enterprise is certainly equipped to take you there in style. A transport room allows landing parties to beam down to a planet's surface instead of taking shuttle craft. The holo decks let them live out all sorts of bizarre fantasies. Then there is ten forward, where crew members and aliens can all get drunk over strange brews of intergalactic liquors. Good times all around.

5. Mothership (Independence Day):

<a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>independence day</a>.jpg” src=” day.jpg” /></p>
<p style= It is rather lame that a computer virus can be uploaded to destroy this planet conquering vessel. Still, you have to admire the sheer size of the mothership from “Independence Day.” It houses a score of city-sized attack ships equipped with a city destroying beam weapon and countless numbers of smaller fighters. That makes for one impressive alien armada.

6. Gunstar (The Last Starfighter):


Any time you have a spaceship equipped with death blossom, it becomes one killer ship. The death blossom feature allows the gun star to take out every ship within range and destroy it. That type of weapon needs to be standard issue on all spaceships.

7. Spaceball I ( spaceballs.jpg

One of the funniest moments in “Spaceballs” is the unveiling of the Spaceball I. It is a cross between the death star and a star destroyer. It offers many appealing features for space tourists, with everything from a shopping mall to a zoo inside the ship. An added bonus is the ability to reach ludicrous speed – which everyone knows is much better for traveling than light speed or ridiculous speed.

8. Discovery One (2001: A Space Odyssey):


Aside from a botched computer system in the form of HAL 9000, the Discovery One is a sweet ride. A centrifuge creates artificial gravity inside the ship. A trio of EVA pods allow for an astronaut to break off and explore in a single-man vessel. Still, something needs to be done about HAL and its penchant for sabotaging missions to Jupiter.

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