Great teachers can be a tremendous influence on any student’s life. However unforgettable the good ones may be, the bad teachers may make even more of an impression. Bad teachers are often the subject of TV shows and movies and here’s a look at the seven worst teachers we can find. Some may surprise you.

"Bad Teacher" (2011)



The obvious answer is that Cameron Diaz’s Elizabeth Halsey is a terrible teacher. She curses like a sailor, treats her students shabbily and the only thing that motivates her is getting enough money– by hook or crook–so she can get a boob job. However, it’s goody-two-shoes teacher Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch) who is really the bad teacher. While she tries to act concerned about her students, she only wants to further her career and start a relationship with Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake). In short, she’s a phony.

"Ferris Bueller’s Day Off" (1986)


Matthew Broderick’s iconic portrayal of Ferris Bueller is one of the classic high school movies of all time. Everyone love Ferris, except his sister Jeannie (Jennifer Grey) and principal Ed Rooney (Jeffrey Jones). Rooney isn’t buying Bueller’s excuses for missing school and he makes it his business to torment and track down the popular student as he takes his day off. Rooney fails miserably, but any educator who would make it his business to attempt to ruin the life of one student is terrible at his job.

"Election" (1999)


Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) is running unopposed for student president. However, teacher Jim McAlister (Matthew Broderick) doesn’t want to see her cruise to the victory. He convinces Paul Metzler (Chris Klein) to run against her. There are improprieties in the election that are traced back to McAlister and his career gets ruined.


"21" (2008)

MIT professor Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) has a plan in mind to break Las Vegas with the help of his sharpest students. By having his “team” count cards while playing black jack in the casinos, Rosa and his crew can make a ton of cash. That actually sounds pretty awesome, if somewhat outside the bounds of normal educational protocol. But in actuality, what he doesn’t tell his operatives is that he plans on walking away with all the money while he leaves them to take the fall.

"Hung" (2009-11)

In this HBO series, school teacher Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane) needs money and has to take a side job to pay the bills. However, instead of tutoring students or teaching at night school, Drecker takes advantage of his most marketable asset and becomes a prostitute. Even though he has an ex-wife and children, Drecker decides this is the best way to make extra cash. He even uses the services of Tanya Skagle (Jane Adams) to serve as his pimp.

"Notes on a Scandal" (2006)


Barbara Covett (Judi Dench) is a frustrated teacher at a British school who lusts secretly after colleague Sheba Hart (Cate Blanchett). When Covett learns that Sheba has begun an affair with a student, she uses it to her advantage by blackmailing the object of her affection. Covett turns out to be an evil and nasty woman who should not be around students or other teachers.

"Welcome Back, Kotter" (1975-79)


Gabe Kotter (Gabe Kaplan) comes back to the inner city high school where he was once a student so he can “give back” to the community to help the troubled students who go to his old school. While Kotter is a great guy and the students truly enjoy being in his classroom, he never teaches them anything. He is too busy cracking jokes to teach any real subject matter. Kotter was more interested in developing his stand-up material to teach his students anything important. Still, those "Sweat Hogs" seemed pretty funny!