When prisoners of the orbiting space jail, MS One, riot and wrest control during a visit from the U.S. president's daughter, she finds herself with little hope of escape. Until Guy Pearce's Snow arrives on a rescue mission. Lockoutpits one man against the worst of the worst. Criminals so notorious that Earth rejected them. In honor of the film's Bluray and DVD release on July 17th, we've compiled a list of the baddest in outer space. They’ve got their own cells reserved on MS One.

Sybok - Star Trek V

Spock's brother from another mother has a different belief system than his younger bro. This Saddam Hussein-looking Vulcan comes to the Enterprise's attention when he takes three diplomats hostage on the planet Nimbus III. Kirk and his crew arrive to negotiate with Sybok, only to have their ship overtaken by the charismatic madman. He then takes the crew on an exploration of Heaven to find God. However, they encounter the outer space equivalent of Satan upon reaching the area beyond the Great Barrier. Sybok sacrifices himself to save the crew. That will teach him to embrace emotion over logic. Dumbass.

Dillon - Alien 3

All of the residents of the outer-space penal colony Fiorina 'Fury' 161 are rough customers. Otherwise, they wouldn't be sentenced to end their days on the remote foundry. But Dillon stands tall above them all. A murderer and rapist who has found God at the ass end of space, he's working to make amends for his past actions by spreading the gospel. Don't take that to mean that you should mess with him. He'll still go at you with a pipe if you cross him. Also, this dude fist fought Alien. Not even Predator was that brave.

Mal Reynolds - Serenity

A former platoon leader in the Unification War against the Alliance, the defeated captain decided to live off the grid and keep his profile low. Now he makes his way as a smuggler and thief with the aid of his small crew. Never one to let the Alliance win however, Reynolds' Firefly-class vessel also houses River Tam, a fugitive with inside knowledge whom the Alliance will stop at nothing to silence.

Zorg - The Fifth Element

As an industrialist and weapons dealer, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg is already a man of low character. Factor in that he's a puppet for the Great Evil that wants to consume and destroy Earth, and he comes off as a total dick.

Mark Sheppard - Outland

As manager of a titanium ore mining facility on one of Jupiter's moon, Sheppard likes to brag that the outpost grew to reach it's most productive under his rule. But that's because he's doping his workers with a drug that makes them stay awake longer, work harder, and go completely psychotic either killing themselves or moon prostitutes. When Sean Connery's sheriff arrives Sheppard finds himself a wanted man. Probably the second-most evil role from Everybody Loves Raymond's Peter Boyle. I never did like the way he talked down to Brad Garrett.

Riddick - Pitch Black

Riddick is introduced in Pitch Black as a dangerous criminal being transported to prison. However, when the transport ship crash lands on a dark planet inhabited by dangerous, man-eating creatures, Riddick is the surviving crew's only hope. That's because he's replaced his eyes with artificial eyes that enable him to see perfectly in the dark which makes him a better thief, murderer, and all-around badass.

Jabba the Hutt - Return of the Jedi

Despite his inability to move around well and his tiny dinosaur arms, Jabba the Hutt rose to become one of the most dangerous gangsters in the Star Wars universe. He did this mostly by surrounding himself with thugs and guns for hire, which he would dispatch to do his dirty work. He wasn't pursued by the law because the universe was largely lawless at that time, but Jabba did make powerful enemies. The most powerful of which being Luke Skywalker, the Jedi who would help return balance to the Force and overthrow the Empire. Not a good enemy to make.