The 7 Sleaziest Drug Dealers In Film

Thursday, October 6 by

3. Rupert Guest – Rules of Attraction

And the winner of the “live wire” award for drug dealers in film is….

Clifton Collins Jr. as Rupert, the coked-out, sleep-deprived former military drug dealer. His pale complexion, propensity for violence and profanity during his drug binges, and military background make him the wild card of the bunch. It’s hard to place the accent, but he sounds Georgian, adding even further to the element of danger.

Rupert is so jumpy and erratic in all his seasons that he ratchets the tension up to 11. When the college kids cross him, the audience can only expect the worst to happen to those miserable bastards.

2. Jay – Clerks, Every Other Kevin Smith Film

Jay is different from every other entrant on this list in that he is 100% harmless. But that hoarse voice and gibberish talk of snoochie boochies was enough to make audiences’ skin crawl in Kevin Smith’s 1994 debut. His fascination with his mute partner, his Russian friend Olaf, and his propensity to Alway…Keep…Talking. make him some welcome comic relief on this list of sociopaths, but no more desirable to hang around.

OK. Maybe just a little more desirable to hang around.

1. Big Worm – Friday

Sure, Big Worm looks like a bit of a joke, but some of the most dangerous criminals in movies often do. Remember Rory in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels? He didn’t look like much either until he set a guy on fire.

It’s not known what methods Big Worm would resort to, but it’s clear he’s got a reputation that precedes him, so don’t let the curlers, ridickey-donkey outfits, and un-gangster car fool you. Friday is filmed with colorful characters, but they all exist in the ghetto, this one as a drug dealer, so even the most innocuous dealer could lay you out.

Even when he’s wearing curlers. ESPECIALLY When he’s wearing curlers.

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