The 7 Sleaziest Drug Dealers In Film

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6. Drexl Spivey – True Romance

Am I the only one who thinks, in this era of endless spinoffs and sequels, it’s a crime that we don’t know the backstory on Dexter, the drug-dealing pimp from True Romance. In a movie absolutely brimming with creepy characters, Gary Oldman manages to set himself leagues apart as the dreadlocked, scar-faced sociopath.

He is the first problem that the lovely couple encounters in the film, leading to more and more. But no heavies going forward are as daunting as this guy, who truly seems like he doesn’t give a f*ck about anything.

5. Todd Gaines – Go

While he might be the most eloquent and composed of anyone else on this list, this guy is sleaze incarnate, nauseating Katie Holmes’ Claire, who he keeps as collateral while her friends find some cash. From his shirtless outfit to the ironic Santa hat, Todd Gaines might be a very dangerous drug supplier, but he’s definitely a guy that isn’t pleasant to share a room with. I’m not sure if I would rather take my chances with Drexl. He might be more likely to kill you, but at least you can look at him and know what you’re getting. Instead, you get a Timothy Olyphant exterior riddled with smarm.

4. Rip Millar – Less Than Zero

Rip would be the biggest example of a “user” on this list. His stone cold façade conveys a ruthlessness that is palpable. His efforts to come across as likable are nominal at best. He doesn’t want to be your friendly drug dealer. His smirk and superior attitude let you know that he means business, even if you’re just trying to help your friend out of a jam.

Without putting too fine a point on it, he’s EXACTLY what you would expect from James Spader playing a drug dealer. He also seems like one of those guys that would kiss you on the cheek to say hello. Yuck.

His character raises the bar even further in Brett Easton Ellis’ follow-up novel, Imperial Bedrooms. His crimes grow over the years and he’s described as being almost repulsive from having so much plastic surgery. And you can see headed that way even 25 years earlier.

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