The 7 Sleaziest Drug Dealers In Film

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All right, Drexl, let's make this quick. I don't want to be here any long than you do.  

In real life, drug dealers are some pretty unsavory characters. I mean, they make a living (sometimes a very nice one) preying upon the addictions of others. But for the most part, they’re not terribly different than non-drug dealing folk. They see movies, go to barbecues, and might even go shopping on Black Friday. They aren’t one-dimensional characters, cold and merciless.

Well, in the movies, they can be. I don’t need to know if one of them was pissed off when Ruben Studdard won Idol over Clay Aiken, or if another one was waiting in line at Chipotle yesterday. In the movies, drug dealers are representative of a lot more than themselves. They represent the danger, violence, and unpredictability that goes hand-in-hand with the seedy underbelly that protagonists find themselves in. So to watch these actors ham it up as dirtbag dealers really is a thing of beauty.

7. Lance – Pulp Fiction

Lance, played by Eric Stoltz, might be the least sleazy guy on this list, but that doesn’t mean he’s still sleazy. Audience members with any sort of drug-dealer experience know that Lance embodies a fair number of undesirable drug dealer qualities, like paranoia, petulance, and a very short memory.

While his super-pierced girlfriend, played by Rosanna Arquette, was pretty endearing, his eagerness to cut the convo short while customer John Travolta ran around with a dying Uma Thurman was more than a little selfish. He represents a very real lack of customer service in an industry that should live and die by it.

Points for the Fruit Brute cereal, though.

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