Cartoon characters are supposed to make you laugh. They are often thought of as vehicles for children’s entertainment and memories of Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, and Popeye may linger in your childhood memories. But cartoons are not simply the domain of children. Talented artists often make their characters come to life and a great artist will often give sexy characteristics to some memorable cartoon characters. Here are 7 of the sexiest cartoon characters you could ever see.


Jessica Rabbit, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" (1988)

This movie was one of the biggest movie hits of 1988 and one of the reasons was the sexy Jessica Rabbit. While Roger Rabbit was a rabbit in the movie, Jessica Rabbit is an overtly sexy and curvaceous woman. Kim Basinger was an appropriate choice as Jessica’s voice and she played it to the hilt with both her voice and the double-entendre in her message. Based loosely on actress Mae West, Jessica is alluring and enticing and you'd have to be blind to not put her in this list.


Belle, "Beauty and The Beast" (1991)

Some Disney movies have an alluring sexuality to them that is often quite surprising. The character of Belle (voiced by Paige O’Hara) is one of those characters. Belle is a “good” girl who wants to study and learn and do the right thing. That doesn’t stop her from being sexy with sensational eyes, beautiful lips, perfect skin, and great curves. You get the feeling that there is a sexual animal lurking underneath her gorgeous surface.


Betty Cooper, "Archie Comics"

Betty was one of the two girls that Archie Andrews pined after at Riverdale High School. Betty was the definition of cute and perky. She was blonde and dynamic and very friendly. She didn’t appear to have a stuck-up bone in her body and she was actually quite humble. Betty had a near-perfect figure and a beautiful face, yet she didn’t think of herself as special. That made her even sexier.


Veronica Lodge, "Archie"

Veronica and Betty were archrivals and while Betty was warm and sweet, Veronica was hot and unattainable. Dark-haired, rich and curvy, Veronica thought of herself as better than everyone at Riverdale High, although she would occasionally have a fling with Archie or Reggie Mantle (Archie’s rival). Even though Veronica was stuck up, she had this incredible sex appeal that was impossible to deny.


Holli Would, "Cool World" (1992)

This clever movie featured one of the hottest characters ever drawn in Holli Would. She is blond, beautiful and curvy, and she is another character who is played to the hilt by Kim Basinger. In this movie, her character tries to seduce her creator, cartoonist Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byrne).  She succeeds - are you really surprised?


Lois Griffin, "Family Guy" (1999-present)



Lois is the beleaguered wife of overfed and super obnoxious Peter Griffin. While Lois appears to be a bit of plain Jane from a distance, she has an incredible body with a great bust and a very underrated face. Alex Borstein voices Lois with a strong accent and a shrill tone, but she also gives the character dignity and sexuality. Among Lois’s best asset is her ability to fight and kick butt when the situation calls for it.


Princess Fiona, "Shrek" (2001)

Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) is locked in a castle and Shrek (Mike Myers) goes to rescue her. Fiona appears overwhelmingly beautiful, but she turns into an ogre when the sun goes down. Whether she is blond and alluring during the daytime or green and thickly built at night, Fiona projects a true sexuality that makes her appealing at all times.