Just about every movie has some rich bastard as a character. Usually they are miserable, self-centered asses; however, in some cases they can actually be very likable characters. Below are seven of the richest characters from movies who are both asses and decent human beings.


John Gage

John Gage is a billionaire character played by Robert Redford in the movie, "Indecent Proposal." Gage is in Las Vegas when Diana Murphy (Demi Moore) a lovely young brunette catches his eye. After Diana and her husband David (Woody Harrelson) gamble away all their savings, Gage offers David one million dollars to sleep with Diana. After the two talked it over, Diana and Dave accept the billionaire's offer, leading many to ask the question: could they have gotten two million!


Charles Xavier

Professor Xavier is a billionaire mutant mastermind paraplegic in the X-Men movies. Played by Patrick Steward, Professor Xavier (also referred to as Professor X) founded the Xavier School, a university for mutants. However, one must wonder why Dr. X did not use some of his cash to pimp up his wheel chair.


Dr Evil

One of the most popular movie billionaires of all-time, Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers movies, certainly deserves to be on the seven richest movie characters lists. Played by Mike Myers, Dr. Evil owned an underground lair, his own Island, a headquarters based on the moon, and a penis-shaped space ship. Dr. Evil also created a clone of himself, though he probably would have been better off creating clones of hot lesbians.

Tony Stark

One of Hollywood's wealthiest playboy characters, Tony Stark, is the owner of Stark Industries, which made Forbes' top 25 largest fictional companies. When he is not making billions and banging hot women, Stark doubles as Iron Man, a superhero who beats up bad guys. Not a bad gig for someone who used to be a heroin addict. Oh wait, that was the ACTOR who played Stark.


Bruce Wayne

Another billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne is the wealthiest man in the fictional city, Gotham. Much like Stark, Wayne enjoys being seen with beautiful women, including a very hot Russian supermodel. Unfortunately for Wayne, he has to make due without his parents, who were murdered when he was just a boy. Wayne ended up inheriting the most profitable corporation in the city, which helped him fund some awesome toys for his alter-ego, Batman.


Richie Rich

The only boy to make the list, Richie Rich is.....well rich. In fact, in the film "Richie Rich" he is described as the wealthiest kid in the world. He also had a heart of gold. Unfortunately, the train wreck known as Maccauley Culken played the role of Richie Rich.


S.R Hadden

A billionaire industrialist, S.R Hadden secretly funds scientist Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) which allows her to continue her work at the VLA in New Mexico as she searches for transmissions from extraterrestrial life. Additionally, there is a contraption that was created in Cape Canaveral, Florida that would allow a human being to travel to different dimensions. However, Gary Busey's dud of a son destroyed the machine, which seemed to put an end to the project. However, Hadden revealed to Foster that he funded a similar contraption in Japan, proving that he is one rich son-of-a-gun.