When Hollywood isn’t dishing out movies about the perfect guy, they’re making horror flicks about how bad boyfriends can be. If you thought your ex left you with traumatic memories of deception and emotional abuse, get a load of these terrifying movie boyfriends. Getting cheated on is nothing compared to a guy who will have his friends behead your dog as punishment for breaking up with him like in "Fear."

1. Shawn Roberts, "I Love You Beth Cooper"

When the class nerd confesses his love for head cheerleader Beth Cooper, a wrench is thrown into his plan of wooing her when her psychotic, coked-up boyfriend shows up. The ex-soldier can’t control his violent tendencies, destroying everything in his path, including cars, homes, and human bodies, making him the most terrifying boyfriend in a romantic comedy.

2. Billy Zane, "Titanic"

Before Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio fall in love and become one of the world’s first couples to do it in the backseat of a car, Kate Winslet is shackled to Cal, a wealthy prospect approved by her mother. While it’s an understood thing that she’s meant to marry him, even sitting down to tea with him is torment for her. His violent outbursts and abusive behavior make her flinch in his mere presence. Even the impossibly-good-looking Billy Zane can't make this guy likeable.


3.  Mark Walberg, "Fear"

Mark Walberg’s character initially sweeps Nicole (Reese Witherspoon) off her feet when they meet at a party, later even giving her an orgasm while on a rollercoaster. He quickly morphs into a jealous sociopath who beats up a male friend for hugging her and gives her a black eye in the process. Not only that, David assaults Nicole’s friend (Alyssa Milano). When Nicole breaks things off with him, David and his friends go on a bloody, murderous rampage, making him the prototypical terrifying movie boyfriend. This whole list could actually be named after him.

.4. Michael Fassbender, "A Dangerous Method"

In "A Dangerous Method," Michael Fassbender plays Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology. Jung is attracted to a beautiful-yet-deranged female patient named Sabrina. He acts on his impulses and begins a torrid affair with her, manipulating her daddy-issues to get her in bed. Instead of helping her overcome her issues with physical abuse by her father, he beats her as they have sex.


5. Christian Slater, "Heathers

In "Heathers," Christian Slater plays J.D., the mysterious kid in town who gets the attention of Veronica by standing up to school bullies by firing blanks at them. Sick of being tormented by the schools trio of mean girls who are all named Heather, Veronica starts being manipulated by J.D. to kill all the popular kids one by one. It’s only when she starts to see him for what he really is when she realizes he intends on killing everyone in school. 


6. Patrick Bateman, "American Psycho"

Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman, boyfriend to Evelyn Williams. A successful Wall Street banker, he is meticulously clean, well-groomed and stays in shape. He dines out at the trendiest restaurants and commands respect. But behind his girlfriend’s back, he dates, drugs, and rapes other women before killing them. He sleeps with trios of prostitutes before mutilating them. He kills homeless people and animals to vent frustration and when he gets jealous of colleagues, he murders them with an axe and never gets caught, not even when he confesses. Patrick Bateman will go down in history as one of film's most terrifying boyfriends for his ease at being deceptive.


7. Skeet Ulrich, "Scream"

In "Scream," Skeet Ulrich plays Billy, a sociopathic boyfriend who woos a girl for the purpose of ruining her life and then goes on a murderous rampage with the help of an accomplice and a ghost mask. Finding out that a classmate’s father has had sex with his mother, he kills the woman and then starts dating her daughter. He takes her virginity, wounds her in an attack, kills her friends and tries to kill her all while pretending to love her.