Every year, we see new gay movie characters. It's inevitable, since Hollywood can't resist a good cliche. Most of these characters are pretty one-note, but a few are some flamboyant that you can't help but be entertained. Just as the maple syrup pot boils until you get only the good rich gooey stuff to pour on your waffles, similar processes were conducted here to bring you only the finest flamboyantly gay characters from Hollywood's past and present. 


Frank-N-Furter from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

They don't get much more flamboyant than this "sweet transvestite" from the longest-showing movie in cinema history. Wel,l actually they do as you'll see below. Anyway, Mr. Furter (Tim Curry) is a cross dressing mad scientist who aspires to create the perfect sexual playmate, Frankenstein style. Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon) stop at Furter's castle with a flat tire during a Transylvania convention, and he manages to seduce both of them. 

Hollywood Montrose from "Mannequin"

This stereotypically flamboyant gay character from an even more stereotypical 80's movie arguably rivals even Frank-N-Furter hands down. He still doesn't take the gay cake though, as you'll see below. Really, this list is that good! Hollywood (Meshach Taylor) is a department store window dresser and a coworker of a man who falls in love with a mannequin statue. Hollywood is one of the lucky souls to attend the wedding in a window display that he designed himself. 

Albert from "The Birdcage"

Nathan Lane turns the flamboyancy up to eleven in "The Birdcage." Playing Robin Williams' life partner, who also is the star in Williams' smash hit of a drag queen show, Nathan Lane gets the biggest laughs in the whole movie. Sure, it comes at the expense of poking fun at his sexuality, but the movie is generally light-hearted enough that it can be forgiven. Plus, it's really, really funny!

Big Gay Al from "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut"

Mr. Garrison was closeted, but Big Gay Al never hid in the closet. He blew the doors off the closet in fabulous style, leaving zero doubt as to what his sexual orientation might be. He is a sweet teddy bearish man in both the movie and the TV series. In fact, he's so sweet that Mr. Garrison would probably never touch him, preferring the bad boys instead. It's a shame what nice guys have to go through. 

Lafayette Reynolds from "True Blood"


While not exactly a cinema movie, "True Blood" is an "HBO" TV series with one of the baddest gay characters to appear on any screen. Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) works as a restaurant chef on his days off from prostitution and drug dealing. If you ever grab a bite to eat in his restaurant, be sure not to ask for a hamburger with AIDS.  It's not only impolite, but you'll be quite sorry. 

Felicia Jollygoodfellow from "The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert" 

Adam Whitely (Guy Pearce) becomes Felicia as she preps for her notorious drag shows in the Australian desert. In this 1994 drag queen classic, Felicia hops on a pink bus named Priscilla with her two drag queen buddies and business partners. Together they entertain and piss off the residents of the Australian Outback. 

Ruby Rhod from "The 5th Element"

If you thought the above characters are stereotypical, wait until you see this superstar from a 1997 French sci-fi comedy starring Bruce Willis. Ruby is an interstellar radio talk show host and a fine chick magnet, despite his sexual preferences. This character is gayer and more flamboyant than Frank-N-Furter, Lafayette and any ten John Waters characters combined. Don't believe it? Just watch the damn video. No description will do Ruby any justice at all.