We all harbor a desire to trust our elected officials, but sometimes those people let power go their heads. But in Hollywood, "sometimes" becomes "all the time." It seems that you can't throw a stone without hitting a corrupt movie politician. Corruption seems to be rule, not the exception. Still, those guys make for great movie villains, and more than a few have stood out as particularly excellent. Such is the case with these seven corrupt politicians, all of whom have disgraced the prestigious offices they held.

Senator Trent, "Hard To Kill"

This movie is Steven Segal's magnum opus. After catching the shadowy figure of a rising politician negotiating a back-room deal, Segal and his family are targeted for murder. Sadly, for the hit squad, Segal manages to survive. While searching for the killers, Segal catches a commercial for Senator Trent, wherein Trent makes a promise that "you can take to the bank!", the same phrase that the shadowy figure used. Segal promises to take him "the the blood bank," and so he does!

Alvin Jordan, "Murder At 1600"

When the president won't deal with that pesky North Korean hostage situation the way you want, what do you do? Well, if you're the national security advisor, you get him involved in a nefarious murder mystery, so that you can install the vice president as your political puppet. Being the security advisor is a trusted position, and when you abuse it like this, you have to be held accountable. Fortunately Wesley Snipes is on the case. Jordan gets his in the end, courtesy of the Secret Service.

Greg Stillson, "The Dead Zone"

If not for the coma-induced super powers of Christopher Walken, no one would have known about Greg Stillson's corrupt predilections. Stillson had designs on not only becoming president, but also starting World War Three. Walken is able to out Stillson by putting him the crosshairs, literally. Once people saw Stillson use a baby as a bullet shield, his political career was as dead as Dillinger.

Senator Palpatine, "Star Wars"

Before he was the ultimate sci fi Emperor, Palpatine was just another senator in the galaxy's assembly. By using some political guile, and some evil electricity, Senator Palpatine became Chancellor Palpatine, who became Emperor Palpatine. But why did he do all that? Didn't this guy have The Force? Couldn't he just wave his hand and make people think that he should be emperor? Obi-Wan Kenobi did stuff like that all the time!

Dr. Raymond Cocteau, "Demolition Man"

The future city of San Angeles seemed like a utopian paradise. Nobody died of anything but natural causes, people didn't swear, and "joy-joy" feelings were the order of the day. Dr. Cocteau is to thank, but there's just one problem: all of that good stuff came at the expense of personal freedom. In order to squelch the last vestiges of liberty, Cocteau brainwashed and released the murderous Simon Phoenix. Too bad for Cocteau that he can't control his creation, and Phoenix's new gang sends the bad doctor to the Great Beyond. "Murder, Death, Kill."

Senator Paine, "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington"

Senator Paine may have had a kind smile and plenty of public esteem, but he was as dirty as anyone when it came to backroom political shenanigans. The naive-but-good-hearted Mr. Smith had to fight one hell of an uphill battle in order to stop Senator Paine and company. Fortunately for Paine's constituents, Smith is up to the task. Good eventually won out when Senator Paine couldn't withstand his own guilt. Score one for the good guys.

Viols Cohaagen, "Total Recall"

Politicians can do some pretty bad things, like stealing money and starting wars. But Cohaagen, the administrator of Mars, goes into the realm of super-corruption by actually depriving his people of air. That's right; he withheld oxygen from people. Why? Because was mad at Arnold Schwarzenegger for trying to help the Mars rebellion, or something. The story got pretty convoluted, but fear not, because the whole thing may actually have been a schizophrenic fantasy adventure. We don't know for sure, but we do know one thing: the alien chick with the three boobs was pretty awesome!