The 7 Most Awkward Sexual Encounters In Film

Tuesday, December 27 by
That'd be great.... 

The best orgy-based comedy to come out in quite some time, A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy, will be available soon on Unrated DVD. But if you want awkward sex, the magical world of the movies has plenty of delightful options for you. It can range from funny to sad to just bizarre, but a good awkward sex scene sticks in your memory, probably forever. Here are some of the most awkward, intentional or otherwise

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Clark Griswold probably doesn’t get to do it with his wife that often – after all, they are married. So when the opportunity presents itself, Sparky doesn’t let the fact that they’re crammed in a tiny sleeping bag with a feral mutt at their feet stop him. The result is one of the funniest awkward sex scenes around, although they admittedly don’t get that far into the amorous process. Damn dog.

Pusher II

Tonny’s been in jail for a while, and it hasn’t exactly been good for his sex life. The possibly permanent brain damage he suffered at the hands of a friend he sent upriver isn’t helping either. That becomes painfully clear in this harrowing scene, in which Tonny struggles dutifully to get it up in front of two prostitutes. It’s a pretty tough scene to watch – in fact, “awkward” is probably an understatement.

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