Toys in the real world are great, but what can they really do? You can wind them up and they'll walk for a little bit, or you can pull a string and they talk, but they're not good for more than a few minutes of idle playtime. But movie toys - that's where the real fun begins. Here are seven of the most amazing toys in movies - and since we're all adults, we're not going to let the fact that they're not real ruin our days. Right?

Flying Mechanical Horse, "The Thief of Bagdad"

The Sultan in this classic of the adventure-fantasy genre has an impressive collection of toys, but the crown jewel of his toybox is undoubtedly the flying horse. Unlike most toy horses out there, this one actually flies. As in, you can actually get on it and fly through the air, like you're Harry Hamlin or something.

Hoverboard, "Back to the Future II"

Robert Zemeckis caused a bit of a stir by stating publicly that the hoverboards depicted in "Back to the Future II" were real and were simply collecting dust in some Mattel warehouse due to their being considered unsafe for kids. Like most of what Zemeckis says in public, this was total BS, but man oh man wouldn't it be nice if it were true? They're so cool!

Buzz Lightyear, "Toy Story"

Since the "Toy Story" movies tend to focus on the toys, it's easy to forget how cool it would be to actually have a lot of these toys as a kid. Most of them are based on old classics like Mr. Potato Head, but the original Disney creation Buzz Lightyear is a pretty cool movie toy. Spring-action wings, karate-chop action, a laser ... but the coolest feature is probably that space helmet. It's so rare to get a working space helmet on an action figure these days.

The Automaton, "Hugo"

Purists might object to calling this intricate machine a "toy," but whatever it is, it would be awesome to have. When it's operating properly, the Automaton is designed to seem like a functioning robot - in this case, the function is to pick up a pen and draw out a message on a piece of paper, all without any human assistance. Well, any human assistance except for the actual winding-up process. But it's just an Automaton, you expect him to do everything?

The Gorgonites and The Commando Elite, "Small Soldiers"

The premise of "Small Soldiers" is a corker - an unscrupulous toy company installs state-of-the-art technology into their toys, and all hell breaks lose after they become self-aware and start battling it out for real in childrens' bedrooms across America. So yeah, they're dangerous, but also really cool.

The Cupboard, "The Indian in the Cupboard"

In the toy business, the magical cupboard that brings toys to life would be an "accessory" more than a toy in itself. After all, you need separate toys in order to operate it properly. But still, it would make a hell of an addition to any toy collection. Here's how it works: You take a toy - any toy, and lock it in the cupboard overnight. The next morning, the toy becomes a real, living thing, and you just made a new friend. Fun for all ages!

The Hula-Hoop, "The Hudsucker Proxy"

It might look like a simple circle, but the invention that Tim Robbins' hayseed character in "The Hudsucker Proxy" comes up with ends up being a phenomenon with kids all over the country. It works like this - take the hoop and spin it around your hips in a "hula dance" formation. Hours of fun and excitement! You know, for kids.