We've all had those relationships we'd rather forget then sit and dwell upon. But we are extremely fortunate to not have had any encounters with crazy guys that turned into psycho boyfriends and ex-boyfriends like some of these in our list. These seven terrifying, abusive guys will send you running for the nearest exit, sometimes with a weapon for self defense too.

Eirik, "In Bruges"


Shortly after Ray (Colin Farrell) arrives in the small dismal town of Bruges, he falls for a local, Chloe (Clemence Poesy). What he doesn't know while striking up the romance is what a crazy boyfriend she had. When Eirik, Chloe's ex finds out about about Ray he goes after him like a psycho hunting an animal. He even shoots a gun loaded with blanks directly at him.

Cal, "Titanic"

Before Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) fall in love or ever even meet, Rose is engaged to Cal (Billy Zane). It's practically an arranged marriage set up by her parents because of his family and wealth. Even though she is to marry this man, he shows her no affection, but keeps her on a very short leash. At any sign of disobedience in his eyes, he rages, yells and breaks things.

Patrick Bateman, "American Psycho"


Handsome, well dressed, successful, charismatic-- Patrick Bateman is the  type of guy any girl would be lucky to have! Well, apart from the fact that he's a psycho serial killer in his spare time. He not only cheats on his 'serious' girlfriends but he also has numerous sexual escapades with prostitutes and random women which he ends up killing. The creepiest thing about him is how much joy and excitement he gets on his face when hes chasing around half naked women around his apartment with a chainsaw.

Christian Slater, "The Heathers"             


Okay so this guy is truly one hell of an abusive and terrifying boyfriend. Ever had a dark, mysterious boyfriend that would get you to help him kill all the popular kids in school? Well we haven't either thank goodness! Christian Slater plays JD in the movie "The Heathers". After being bullied by the high school mean girls for years he finally snaps and manipulates and threatens his girlfriend Winona Ryder to help him kill all of them. Can you say creepy?

David, "Fear"


David (Mark Walberg) is just a regular guy who makes a regular girl, Reese Witherspoon fall in love with them. Its all peaches and cream until one day a guy friend of Witherspoon gives her a hug. David becomes blind in jealous rage, beats the guy up and gives Witherspoon a black eye in the process. After this terrifying ordeal, she breaks up with him once and for all. That's when David loses his mind for good, and he and his buddies go on a killing spree.

Charlie, "Straw Dogs"

When Amy (Kate Bosworth) returns to Mississippi with her husband from Los Angeles, she receives a less than hospitable welcome from her former boyfriend Charlie (Alexander Skarsgard--as if seeing him as Eric in "True Blood" isn't scary enough). He hates Amy's husband, puts them both through mental torture and even tries to rape her.

Mitch, "Enough"


Okay, so technically Mitch (Billy Campbell) isn't Slim's (Jennifer Lopez) boyfriend when he gets abusive, but he's too terrifying not to be on this list! Mitch is another one of those charismatic gentlemen you would never think could be so abusive and hurtful. Shortly after their marriage, he starts to cheat on his wife, beat her and he even almost kills her at times.