The 7 Greatest Movie Scientists To Ever Experiement

Tuesday, February 7 by Joseph Gibson

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The definition of science is "speaking intelligently while wearing a white lab coat." Just kidding-it actually has something to do with empirical observation of phenomena, or something like that. The point is, there are a lot of scientists in movies, but who are the best? Here, as scientifically calculated by the MOVIEVAC 9000, are the seven greatest movie scientists.

Dr. Jekyll. There have been countless movies about Dr. Jekyll and his usually-furry alter ego Mr. Hyde. Several of them are classics: more than enough to earn Jekyll a spot among the greatest movie scientists. The best thing about the role from an actor's standpoint is the opportunity to "cut lose" when playing Hyde-that's the whole point, after all, since Hyde is supposed to be a manifestation of the evil side of mankind.

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Dr. Jack Griffin. The protagonist of the Universal horror classic "The Invisible Man" has two major things about him that make him one of the greatest movie scientists: one, he's played by Claude Rains, whose voice is good enough to portray a man you can't see, and two, he's a goddamn crazy man. That's a side-effect of the potion that made him invisible-it drove him insane and made him want to conquer the world with an army of invisible soldiers.

Dr. Jack Griffin the invisible man.jpg

Dr. Génessier. Another member of The Evil Scientists Brigade, Genessier specializes in cutting off girls' faces and attaching them to his daughter's badly-scarred, faceless hea, in an attempt to repair the damage done to her in a car accident. It's not a flashy performance, but both the character and the movie surrounding him, called "Eyes Without A Face", are as chilling as they come.

Professor Julius Kelp. Like all Jerry Lewis characters, Julius Kelp of "The Nutty Professor" speaks with a high nasally voice and falls down a lot. Unlike other Jerry Lewis characters, he comes up with a solution to that problem: a potion that transforms him into the ridiculously cool Buddy Love. But the cure might be worst than the disease when Buddy ends up hijacking Julius' life and alienating him from the girl he loves.

the nutty professor

Thomas Newton. Thomas Jerome Newton has two big advantages over other movie scientists: he's from another planet where technology is incredibly advanced compared to Earth, and he's played by David Bowie. Both of those assets are put to good use in "The Man Who Fell To Earth", the trippy-as-hell seventies david bowie modern love hot tub time machine soundtrack.jpg

Wayne Szalinski. Played by Rick Moranis in the Disney classic "Honey I Shrunk The Kids", Szalinski is a perfect example of the absent-minded professor. He shrinks his own kids, for goodness sake. And the neighbors' kids, too. Luckily for everyone involved, he's able to blow them back up to size again, and they get to bond with each other and have a big adventure before that happens.

Professor Donald Kessler. Whenever aliens invade, humanity requires the services of an intelligent scientist to walk us through the process. That role is filled by Pierce Brosnan in Tim Burton's masterful spoof "Mars Attacks". Brosnan plays the part with just enough arrogant charm to be completely hilarious. He also happens to be completely wrong about the Martians' intentions on Earth, but hey, science isn't always an exact science.

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