The 7 Greatest Drug Abusing Duos Of All Time

Wednesday, February 1 by

Harry and Tyrone

Unlike most of these other movies, Requiem for a Dream is NOT trying to make you laugh. I think the funniest thing that happens in it is an amputation. But Jared Leto‘s Harry and Marlon Wayans’ Tyrone are great to watch together because of the friendship between the characters. This friendship is of course completely shattered by drug abuse and crime in one of the most depressing stories ever put on film, but still.

Louis and Melanie

Robert De Niro and Bridget Fonda might not seem like a likely pair, but they make a good one in Quentin Tarantino‘s Jackie Brown, in part thanks to the magical properties of marijuana. Also because neither of them have anything better to do than hang out, watch TV, and bang in between capers. But what the two lack in conventional chemistry they make up for, I’m just not sure how. Here’s to friends!

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