The 7 Craziest High School Parties In Movie History

Friday, March 2 by
Party of the year 

This weekend, Todd Phillips unveils Project X, which is being billed as “the best party movie ever.” In the film, three high school nerds throw a party that quickly spins out of control. Parents have been urged to not allow their kids to see it, which means their kids are so going to love it.

From the trailers and clips I’ve seen, it certainly does look like the epic party to end all parties. But let us not forget the crazy parties that proceeded it, laying the destructive groundwork for the obliteration of teen braincells.

American Pie

Depending on your outlook, the party at the end of American Pie was a total success or completely disgusting. Sure, everyone got laid. But one of those unions was between a seventeen-year-old boy and his classmate’s mom. That’s statutory rape and it doesn’t belong at parties. Depending on your outlook, and your state of residence.

Can’t Hardly Wait

Can’t Hardly Wait takes the best part of any ‘80’s high school movie and focuses on it. The party. The film follows several plotlines all intersecting at the same party where everything goes wrong. The house gets trashed, the bathroom lock breaks, the jock embarasses himself, and Love Burger never gets their sh*t together well enough to play.

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