There’s nothing quite like a big monster. Sure, there have been monsters that were small and sinister, brimming with malice. But there’s something to be said for a gigantic baddie, that unstoppable force. Well, not quite unstoppable, but still damn big. The biggest of the big are all memorable, and today we salute them with the list of the Seven Biggest Monsters in TV and Movie History.


1. King Kong

He’s a legend, and for good reason. King Kong is such a big monster that he beats up other big monsters, like dinosaurs and such. You know the story—beauty, beast, a skyscraper…but the main point here is that Kong is a big monster, and one of the first really big Hollywood spectacles.


2. Godzilla

The Japanese counterpart to King Kong, this lizard is massive. In fact, he was first billed as 400 feet tall. That’s pretty ridiculous, but hey, he did destroy Tokyo. In addition to his monstrous bigness, Godzilla can breathe…something. Radiation, maybe. Whatever it is, it’s fierce, and he’s a monster to be feared.


3. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Mr. Stay Puft may look friendly with his sailor’s hat and smile. But he’s a menace, stepping on churches and trying to destroy the Ghostbusters. Plus, destroying a big monster made of marshmallow is not without its own problems. Messy, sweet, scalding, sticky problems.


4. Kraken

This would be the “Clash of the Titans” Kraken, though other various Krakens are certainly big, too. But no matter which version of “Clash” you are watching, there’s no missing this big beast and his terrible fury. He’s so big that there’s really no fighting him, the only hope is Medusa’s severed head, and the Gorgon’s ability to turn creatures to stone.


5. The Anaconda

This massive snake, from the movie of the same name, eats grown men whole. If that doesn’t make for a terrifyingly big movie monster, then nothing does. Boats, buildings, Ice Cube, none of these things pose threats to the anaconda On the plus side, a snake this big is likely to yield a lot of snakeskin boots. Monstrous and fashionable.


6.The Rancor

As if Jabba’s Palace wasn’t awful enough he keeps an enormous monster in his basement, to whom he feeds various humans, Twi'leks, and Jedi; in the case of Luke Skywalker. The Rancor is like a big alien monster ape with a bad attitude and a thirst for blood, and anyone unfortunate enough to encounter one isn’t likely to last long. Unless they use The Force!


7. The Basilisk

From the second “Harry Potter” film, we have the big monster from the Chamber of Secrets. Have you ever seen an iguana? Well, imagine an iguana as big as a Greyhound bus with poison fangs and a nasty disposition. That’s the basilisk, and he’s a tough customer that only the bravest 12-year-old wizards can stop. All that size, and a prepubescent kid takes you out? For shame.