The 7 Best TV And Movie Sandwiches For National Sandwich Day

Thursday, November 3 by

Giant Sandwich – The Simpsons

Believe it or not, Homer Simpson actually encountered a sandwich that even he could not finish. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t put his all into it. He returns to it months later after finding it wedged behind the radiator with strange mushrooms growing on it. Sampling it makes him gravely ill, but that’s still not enough to deter him. In all fairness, it was a really impressive sandwich.

Tuna Sub – Letha Weapon 2

The Subway Tuna Footlong does not stand as a symbol of a delicious sandwich. In fact, it represents all that is wrong with the fast food industry. Simply put, “They F*CK you at th drive thru.”

Runny Egg Sandwich – Spanglish

Many maintain that this is actually the world’s greatest sandwich. Those people have no imagination. That’s not to say it isn’t a delicious sandwich, it’s just far from being the best in the world. Besides, letting the yolk run down all sides of the sandwich means a big mess. What if you get an itchy nose?

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