The 7 Best TV And Movie Sandwiches For National Sandwich Day

Thursday, November 3 by
Everything about this makes me hungry. 

Son of a bitch. National Sandwich Day snuck up on me once again. To make matters worse, I was halfway through a salad when I found out. Unbelievable.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t live vicariously through the mouth-watering sandwiches from some of my favorite movies and television shows. Below you’ll find the most important list ever put-together. Please, keep in mind, this is only one man’s opinion. Feel free to share your own favorite movie sandwiches in the comment section. But please, despite your strong opinions on the matter, keep your comments clean.

Dog Pee Sandwich – National Lampoon’s Vacation

You would think that something as simple as a bologna sandwich wouldn’t be enough to seduce a sports car driving super-model. But you’d be wrong. The scent of bologna is actually a seduction master’s best kept secret. It’s abilities as an aphrodisiac have an effect on blond hotties like blood in the water to a shark. Of course, it loses much of its appeal when urinated on by the family dog.

Orgasm Pastrami – When Harry Met Sally

Unlike pee-coated bologna, the pastrami sandwich at New York’s Katz’s Deli does more than simply entice a woman. Just one nibble is capable of sending women into the ecstasy of a mind-twisting orgasm. But, seriously, keep the noise down. My mom is in the next deli.

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